Ask yourself...

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

It’s presently estimated that 72% of men in the US have the exact same problems.

PhalloCenter’s® LifeSize™ enhancements provide solutions to change your life for the better.

penile extension overweight men

Plus-sized men suffer from reduced penis size because

engorged fat tissue deep in the lower stomach applies pressure at the base where
the penis organ begins near the anus, which causes penile length contraction.

Additionally, varied levels of blubbery tissue above the suprapubic fat pad cause
the penis to become partially or fully “hidden” when flaccid and during erection. Additionally, this “extra padding” hinders the ability to achieve quality vaginal penetration depth during intimacy.

The result?

As our body gets bigger

our penis gets smaller

How does

hgih resol rejuvall

change that?

American men are getting bigger, taller, and thicker than ever before. Unfortunately, much of that size increase causes a negative side effect: their penis gets smaller.

We can now fix that and change your life in the process

with one of our breakthrough LifeSize enhancement procedures.

LifeSize procedures are customized for each patient’s case.
Each enhancement includes select body contouring combined in with penile enlargement. In most cases, such contouring can be performed congruently with penis enlargement.

In other cases, those procedures must be performed separately. Our most severe cases are referred for hospital care because they require more extensive expertise and recovery than we are set up for at our affordable outpatient facilities.

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