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Buried penises and turtled penile syndrome are common and severely limit activities such as changing clothes at the gym, being intimate with new partners, and participating in sexual intercourse. This page offers information on treatments and corrections for men of all sizes and conditions.

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What's the #1 cause of lost penis size in America today?


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What is “GEFP”?

GEFP is an acronym for a “genetically predisposed suprapubic fat pad”. What is does that mean? GEFP is caused by an engorged suprapubic fat pad, located just above the base of your penis.

The condition is often hereditary and causes the penis to appear much smaller and less thick than it actually is. It often gets worse with weight gain but the underlying cause is genetics.

For lots of men it’s a source of embarrassment and reduced confidence. Men with “dad bod’s and linebacker builds” are often most susceptible because of aging muscle mass but even the skinniest guys can suffer from GEFP.

It’s been identified and postulated by both Rejuvall co-founder Kenneth J. Carney, MD and the board certified urologists he’s trained through his GURS-urologic fellowship. In fact, one of his close colleagues published a recent study about it.

Evaluation and management of adult acquired buried penis





32 million American men suffer from lost penis size due to GEFP

Are you one of them?

close up penile shortening
Your penis appears smaller

Your penis is surrounded by an engorged suprapubic pad, the size of which causes the penis to appear smaller in comparison.

genetics and penile size reduction
It’s genetic

Because 95% of GEFP cases are rooted in hereditary traits, men of all shapes and sizes can develop a genetically engorged fat pad.

reduced size and confidence
It’s embarassing

Whether you’re alone at your bathroom mirror or revealing yourself to a new intimate partner, reduced penis size is embarassing.

woman dissatisfied lack of penetration
Decline in sexual performance

An engorged suprapubic fat pad limits the depth of penetration you can achieve with your partner during intimacy.

man unhappy with penis size loss
Reduced Self Concidence

Having a smaller penis is source of anxiety for lots of men. However, if you have a member that is now smaller but was formerly larger?

For some guys, this is the textbook definition of depression.

What if I just lose weight?

The condition is not directly tied to weight. Given that GEFP is primarily genetic, even skinny men can have it. It is often aggravated and made worse by weight gain. However, because the underlying problem is hereditary, once the suprapubic pad swells to a certain point, even significant weight loss won’t reduce its size.

What if I get liposuction or a monsplasty?

Liposuction or a monsplasty can improve the appearance for a period of time, but if your case also includes a separated dartos fascia (50% of men), your body will continue to reabsorb the penis shaft, reversing the temporary gains you get from our cosmetic enhancement and eventually making your case even worse and you, even smaller.

Additionally, significant liposuction of the area is risky since the penile neurovascular bundle is located in the same area. Damage it? You lose sensation or experience chronic penile pain, resulting in long term issues with ED.

What happens if GEFP is left untreated?

What happens if you do nothing?

Sure, you can let GEFP go untreated. But what will happen if you do?

Eventually, you’ll begin to notice your penis is getting even shorter. Repairing it then is a MAJOR hospital surgical procedure that will require almost a month off of work and cash outlay of $40,000 – $60,000 (with insurance). Never mind about the enjoyment and fun you are missing out on in the meanwhile.

depressed man blue shirt
It’s depressing

No man wishes to be less than his best.

It is unjust to you and your partner to be less than you are.

doctor evaluating penile shrinkage
What happens if you do nothing?

Failure to treat an engorged fat pad clinically will eventually result in a separation of the dartos fascia from the body, kicking off the process by which the body gradually absorbs the penile shaft skin.

This can lead to complete loss of penis size and function.

What can a Rejuvall LifeSize procedure do for you?

Not only will a Rejuvall LifeSize procedure reveal the portion of your manhood that’s hidden or buried from GEFP.

Additionally, it will reposition some of your penis that is at present on the inside of your body, to the outside so that you and your partner can enjoy even more.

LifeSize procedures are the urologic, game-changing solutions for reduced penis size available exclusively at Rejuvall.

GEFP isn’t just cosmetic technology

Because GEFP is a urologic diagnosis, it must be resolved by a especially skilled urologist. If an increase in weight was the cause of the diagnosis, treating that symptom with a cosmetic procedure such a liposuction or a monsplasty will often provide temporary relief of symptoms. A long-term solution where the shaft doesn’t eventually reabsorb into the body, necessitates a highly specialized urology skill set.

World’s recognized GEFP expert

Kenneth J. Carney, MD PHARM FACS, Rejuvall’s Chief Medical Officer, is a world-renowned urologic surgeon.

Dr. Carney is regarded as the world’s expert authority on reconstructive urology related to GEFP  cases as the founder and institute director of the only (GURS) certified fellowship (teaching other board-certified urologists) in Reconstructive and Plastic Urology within genitourinary reconstruction and major Abdominal cases.

Customized to every man

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in Rejuvall’s LifeSize pathway, which includes six distinct solutions to GEFP.

To find the best solution, we must elevate the man, his physique, his health, and his lifestyle. For any man who needs an outpatient solution to his GEFP issues. Rejuvall has the solutions.

Back where you belong

LifeSize procedures were developed to help patients get back on track with a larger penis and a greater sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

The most common comment LifeSize patients make after surgery is simply. “What took me so long?”

LifeSize improves lives as well as performance.

The information available at the following link on the will guide you through the process of self-diagnosing your specific GEFP condition and includes explanations of the various procedures, recovery, and post operative care.

Optionally, you can schedule a free case consultation with one of our certified specialists to collect additional information one-on-one.

Rejuvall: The experts with LifeSize™ GEFP Enhancement Cases

American men are bigger, taller, and thicker than ever before.

Unfortunately, much of that size increase causes a negative side effect every guy hates: their penis often gets noticeably smaller.

Our world-renowned penile enlargement surgical specialist is one of the only recognized “penile plastic trauma surgeons” in the United States.
What’s required to achieve such a special designation? Completion of a medical residency in urology. Completion of a medical residency in plastic surgery. Performing fellowships under one of the world’s leading penile trauma surgeons.

If you suffered the severe misfortune of having your penis cut-off from disease or trauma? You would hear about our surgeon’s name almost immediately.

Given his extraordinary surgical skill set, he developed a sideline expertise performing surgical restoration on morbidly obese men. We’re talking about guys who are 700 to1,000 lbs.

From this unique experience he invented a whole new set of custom outpatient procedures for men suffering reduced penis size as a byproduct of genetically predisposed suprapubic fat pads.

Hence, the birth of Rejuvall’s LifeSize™ penile enlargement solutions.

Lost Penis Size from GEFP and /or Weight Gain

Every guy with an engorged fat pad quickly becomes acutely aware of its worst side effect: his penis appears smaller.

A man’s guys penis gets progressively smaller with age but the bulk of lost size from an engorged fat pad isn’t actually because of organ shrinkage. Rather, increases in the size of the suprapubic fat pad just above the penis cause the penis to become less and less visible. If there’s also weight gain involved, the added pressure in the lower abdomen puts pressure on the area where the inner penile organ is tethered to to the pelvic bone, causes much of the organ to get pulled inward by the laws of displacement.

The medical science behind lost penis length from GEFP and weight gain

What you’re able to see of your penis organ looking down upon it is the portion that comes out from under your pelvic bone. There’s more of it inside your body that you can trace with your fingers starting within the scrotum. If you reach down with your fingers and explore your organ from the underside within the scrotum, you’ll be able to track that it goes straight backwards for about an inch, then it begins a downward path to where it begins near your anus. Have you ever felt that large ridge inside your scrotum when erect? That’s your penis organ.

The penis continues inside your body near the anus anus where it splits horizontally on both sides and anchors itself to your lower pelvic bone. The fact it’s anchored to this bone is the key reason your penis can lose additional penis length if you’ve also gained extra weight.

How is that?

As increased amounts of weight accumulate in the stomach area, the excesses in the lower body area begin to apply pressure to the base of where the penis is tethered to the pelvic bone. This pressure from overcrowding causes the base of your inner penis to retract in response, thereby reducing your penile length.

Buried Penis Shrinkage

The other source of lost penile size from weight gain comes from increasing size of the suprapubic fat pad that’s located atop the pelvic bone at the base where the penis becomes visible.

Some men are genetically predisposed to have a larger than normal suprapubic fat pad. They suffer its negative side effects even without extra weight gain: reduced visible image, limited penetration depth, etc.
As the suprapubic pad becomes engorged, the blubbery fat tissue begins to envelop the base of the penis resulting in less visibility of the penis and reduced penetration length. In more severe cases, the penis organ becomes completely enveloped by the enlarged fat pad and hinders the release of urination resulting in irritation and infection of the surrounding skin and penile tissue. This final condition is known as “trapped penis”.

Unfortunately, things can get worse. If portions of your penis remain enveloped by the suprapubic fat pad for several years, the body will begin to reabsorb the skin along the shaft of the penis and never returns. Thus, even if significant weight is lost through gastric bypass or similar procedures, the penis is unable to return to its natural length without major surgery.

Such a reconstructive operation includes degloving the original penile shaft, harvesting a new donor shaft (usually with skin grafts from within the inner thigh), and transplanting the donor shaft to the organ. Additionally, there are usually various cosmetic enhancements involved such as liposuction, skin tightening and repositioning of the belly button. Full penile reconstruction usually involves at least a one week stay in the hospital plus numerous follow up visits.

Sadly, this procedure is ridiculously expensive. Having health insurance helps since the inability to urinate in a healthy manner falls within most policies. However, most patients with insurance face “out of pocket” expenses of over $70,000 from start to finish.

Rejuvall’s out-patient LifeSize™ out-patient penile enhancement procedures are designed with affordability for all in mind.

Unless you’ve already lost a good portion of your penile shaft skin from reabsorption, we can usually develop provide an affordable pathway to get you back in the game with reasonable down time.

Want more details about a LifeSize procedure?

The information on the following pages will guide you through the process of self-diagnosing your specific GEFP condition and includes explanations of the various procedures, recovery, and maintenance.

Optionally, you can schedule a free case consultation with one of our certified specialists to collect additional information one-on-one.

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Choosing the LifeSize option that’s right for you


Which LifeSize procedure is best suited for changing your life?

Here are some observations to make before meeting with one of our certified case consultants.

Each LifeSize pathway varies based upon the following factors:

  • Size of the suprapubic fat pad relative to the penis
  • Amount of visible penile length when completely flaccid
  • Amount of visible shaft skin when fully erect
  • Lower Stomach evaluation
  • Health considerations

Suprapubic Pad Analysis

This is quite crucial. As previously stated, the suprapubic fat pad is the primary cause of decreased penis size. Most men’s engorged suprapubic fat pads are genetically predisposed in size. It worsens with weight increase, however even the skinniest men are affected by GEFP. Even major weight loss will not modify its size compared to the penis once it is significantly engorged.

Use a mirror to determine the size of the pad in relation to the penis. Is the pad encircling a portion of the shaft? Does pressing down on the base of your penis make it appear longer? Is there any of the penile shaft concealed within the pad? How long has your entire size been affected by the pad?

All of these are critical components of your case.

Evaluation of Flaccid Penile Visibility

The quantity of visible flaccid penis length influences which technique is best suited for your situation. Many of the males we treat fall somewhere in the middle of our LifeSize array. If that’s the case in your assessment? Don’t be concerned. Once we arrive, we’ll be able to narrow down the best solution.

In summary, we divide flaccid size visibility into five treatment categories:

  1. Reduced Penis = More than 75% of flaccid size visible 2. Partial Penis = 40%-74% of flaccid length visible
  2. Turtled Penis = When non-erect, only approximately an inch of your penis shaft is visible.
  3. Buried Penis = When the penis is flaccid, just the glans (head) is visible.
  4. Trapped Penis = No visible penis when flaccid

Erect Penile Shaft Skin Evaluation

This is possibly the most critical assessment for a LifeSize process. When the penis is swallowed for an extended period of time by an engorged suprapubic fat pad, the body begins to reabsorb the penile shaft skin. Translation? Even if we remove the surrounding fat and expand the penis, it may still be Micropenis length due to an insufficient penile shaft. The answer to this problem is a lengthy and costly hospital procedure that is outside the scope of our platform.

As doctors, the most depressing instances we see in this regard are younger boys whose fat pads have increased since puberty, and we discover that the shaft skin has mostly reabsorbed into the body, leaving only an expensive hospital option that is out of their financial reach.

Stomach Assessment

The stomach and the suprapubic fat pad are two areas that affect certain men with penis length. The suprapubic fat pad gradually wraps around and “hides” the penis. However, the size of the stomach also influences our ability to perform a successful outpatient procedure.

We need you to firmly press your palm against your stomach. When you smacked your stomach, how did it sound? If your stomach is huge and sounds like a “drum” when you tap it, this indicates that your fat tissue is densely packed around your internal organs. Because of the tightness of their stomach, some guys incorrectly believe they are not overweight.

To establish a more aesthetically appealing stomach line relative to the phallus, all main LifeSize operations include surgically removing extra fat and replacing the skin right above the penis with skin from the lower stomach. Extra fat is tightly packed around the internal organs in situations of a compacted stomach and cannot be properly evacuated to allow for the formation of a contoured lower stomach area.

If you have a packed stomach, we will need to assist you reduce weight before we can perform the LifeSize operation. Through a virtual evaluation of your photos with the surgeon, we can help you achieve weight loss success and advise you on how much weight you’ll need to lose.

In select cases, the suprapubic pad expands and migrates into the scrotal sac to the point where we can’t see our testicles. We can usually repair such a case outside of the hospital, but it adds a step to your treatment.

Health and Lifestyle Considerations

There are two major health and lifestyle considerations with these treatments, both of which relate to your body’s recuperation following surgery. 

To begin with, you are not permitted to smoke cigarettes. If you are a cigarette smoker, you must have been smoke-free for at least 90 days prior to your treatment. Second, if you have diabetes, your A1C must be less than “7” in order to have such significant outpatient surgery. A higher number will significantly impede your rehabilitation and require anesthesia from a hospital setting.

Which LifeSize Procedure is Best for Your Situation?

After taking mental notes on the points just mentioned, it’s time to speak with a Rejuvall case consultant to determine which solution is best suited to changing your life.

We’ll get you scheduled for a Telemed health session with one of our surgeons once we’ve identified the inputs and discussed the pros and cons of each.

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