Buried Penis Syndrome: What is it? 

Buried Penis Syndrome is a condition that occurs when part of or most of the penis is hidden beneath the skin. The condition can either be congenital or acquired.  Most times the penis is located beneath the abdomen, thigh or scrotum. More times often than not buried penis syndrome is diagnosed in children but it can be found in adults.So what is the problem and impacts of having buried penis syndrome? Some of the common issues include increased chance of infection and sexual dysfunction or a feeling of inadequacy.

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Types of Buried Hidden Penises: 

There are three types of buried penises, categorized based upon how the condition develops.Buried Penis Syndrome:

The prototypical buried penis is seen in both children and adults. Buried penis syndrome usually develops in tandem with obesity as someone’s lower abdomen gains fat and starts to hang lower, thus “burying” or "hiding" the penis.

Webbed Penis:

The next type of buried  or hidden penis is derived from a webbed penis which is usually a congenital disease that affects the web of skin connecting the scrotum to the penile shaft.

Trapped Penis:

The third type of buried penis syndrome is a trapped penis which is usually caused by a botched circumcision. This occurs when the shaft’s skin is mistaken for foreskin.  Because of this, scar tissue develops and traps the penis in the pubic fat pad.

Trapped Penis: Effect on Hygiene

Each type of buried penis has a direct effect on personal hygiene. The uneven distribution of skin over the penis can trap urine and make it difficult to keep a steady stream.  In addition to this, penile area sweat can become trapped leading to numerous and reoccurring irritation and infections.

Along with the health related problems from buried come psychological challenges as well. A buried penis equates to a small penis – which results into sexual anxiety and self image issues. It’s stressful enough for any of us to feel confident when naked. With buried penis? Those insecurities increase dramatically.

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Average Size of a Buried or Hidden Penis

Men with buried penis syndrome often have a size of about 1 inch in flaccid state and 3 inches when erect. Of course size varies based in the individual. The key here is that it is hidden prior to treatment.

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Buried Penis Successful Treatments

In order to get a proper treatment for buried penis syndrome it will first be suggested that the patient attempt to lose weight if the male patient is overweight.  Rejuvall offers comprehensive programs and supplements to succeed with a weight loss challenge. A free initial consultation with a Rejuvall provider will illustrate surgical and possibly other solutions to the smaller penis. This is a medically correctable problem and no person should be hesitant or shy about getting it fixed. Once weight loss is sufficient as determined by the surgeon, an operation or other procedure for a penis extension is arranged. The weight loss coupled with the extension surgery or treatment has produced significant inches and successful results.