Treatment Payment and Financing

Financing for CurveFree™ Peyronies Treatments

We are excited to announce our New Exclusive REJUVALL Peyronie’s Treatment Financing

Down Payment as low as $1500 plus a fixed monthly payment “Less than Perfect Credit” Accepted

Will Insurance Cover this Procedure?

Insurance might over certain aspects of your treatment plan depending upon your exact coverage and underlying diagnosis. However, there will definitely be aspects that aren’t covered and you’ll first be required to meet your related deducible.

How can I pay for my Penis Surgery?

We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards.

Do You Offer Financing for CurveFree Treatments?

We offer patient financing through Care Credit & our new custom source finance platform. You can apply with one or both during your initial consultation

Free Initial Consultation

Wondering if CurveFreeTM is right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFreeTM treatment in your future.

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