Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

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Revolutionary New Peyronie’s Disease Solution

  • Straighten your curve
  • Restore healthy penile function and sensation
  • Heal the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease

In case you haven’t heard, we created a breakthrough, new-patented treatment technology called CurveFree™ that heals the symptoms associated with Peyronie’s disease.

  1. We’re able to remove the plaque that creates the underlying basis for your pain and curvature – without surgery
  2. We’re able to rehabilitate the inner penis tissue that provides penile function and performance – it’s almost always damaged be your Peyronie’s condition
  3. We’re able to straighten your curvature

In fact: we improved Penis Curvature / Peyronie’s in 99.6% of patients who came to our Morganstern Rejuvall Urology Practice in 2015.

Sound exciting?

Please read on – we’ll tell you all about how we do it and how to get started.

What causes Peyronie’s / Penis Curvature

Peyronie’s is most commonly caused by one or more of the following:

  • Plaque Build Up: As tissue that receives massive inflows of blood during peak function, the penile area is highly susceptible to build up of fibrous and calcified plaque
  • Trauma is a common cause that induces the penis curvature. In the case of trauma multiple things can happen to the penis. For example, sometimes if a couple is having sex and a woman is on top if she goes down on the penis in the wrong way trauma can result. Also if one masturbates too roughly, grips their penis too hard or even just masturbates with only the head of the penis trauma can be caused. In addition, because of the friction that occurs during sexual penetration trauma can be caused.
  • Diseases can also be a cause for penis curvature. Some diseases can cause the breakdown of normal tissue in the penis. Diabetes for example breaks down collagen, which in turn causes hardening in the penis.

Exactly what is the CurveFree™ treatment technology and how is it going to straighten my penis?

We’ll explain that in the next section

Free Initial Consultation

Wondering if CurveFree™ is right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFree™ treatment in your future.

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