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Custom and Repairs

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Rejuvall custom procedures are all about improved penile aesthetics. We liken many of these contouring procedures to a “penile facelift” and they include options like circumcisions, scrotoplasty’s, foundoplasty’s,

frenulectomy’s, removal of penile adhesions, etc.

Rejuvall penile repairs operation is focused on the repair of negative outcomes that occurred with a penile enhancement in the past.

We provide repair solutions for both recent and long-standing botched procedures. Repair procedure consultations must be performed in office for evaluation


Penis Surgery Repair

Custom & Repairs

This page is currently still under construction. We’ve just uploaded a massive quantity of new information about the vast range of procedures available at Rejuvall. Within the next 30 days, we anticipate to have additional new content on this webpage.

This new page will eventually describe all of our custom and repair penile methods in detail. Our custom penile procedures are commonly referred to as a “penile face lift” since they tend to improve the appearance of the penis.

Rejuvall Custom Penile Procedures

Our penile custom procedures and costs are, as follows:

Penis Enlargement Repairs

Because our surgeon is recognized among the very top penile reconstructive surgeons in the world, we receive a lot of requests for penis repairs. Most commonly, these procedures are referred by another urologist from around the US. However, an increasing number arrive directly from patients.

Penis enlargement repair operations always necessitate an in-office consultation with our surgeon to determine what went wrong and why, as well as an evaluation of any scar tissue and your repair goals. Following this meeting, we can arrange your repair procedure and tell you what tests you’ll need completed based upon the chosen repair procedure (surgical, non-surgical).

Pricing for repairs requires an in-office evaluation. Pricing is established after a thorough assessment of the patient and is based on our estimation of the time required to correct the problem.

  • Issues with Length (Lost length, ligament reattachment, failure to gain length)
  • Thickness Failures (Failure to retain girth, unevenness, degradation of bulking agent)
  • Removal of fat necrosis nodules • Removal of other types of granuloma or nodules
  • Pain (following a previous enhancement)
  • Loss of size / erect curvature (following an enlargement procedure)
  • Peyronie’s Disease onset / loss of size (following a silicone implant enlargement)
  • Penile function that isn’t up to par (following an enhancement)
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