What is Electile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction, or E.D, is essentially a problem caused by one or more negative factors impacting in some way on the vascular system transporting blood through the penis or the nerve connections involved in sending messages calling for erections to the penis.

Who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction?

While most men aged 50 and older are the most common patients suffering from ED, the disease can affect men at all ages. Any blockages of blood flow, hormone imbalance or disease such as diabetes allows ED to affect a broad range of men.

What are the signs and symptoms that accompany Erectile Dysfunction?

The problems that are known to cause ED under some circumstances may be logically grouped as follows:

  • Problems that mainly affect the flow of blood into the penis and the ability of the penis to retain sufficient blood to maintain an erection
  • Problems that mainly affect the nervous system that serves the penis
  • Other problems that significantly affect both systems, or those in which the mechanism is not currently fully understood

Many factors can result in ED. All factors, even those of a strictly psychological nature, mist somehow adversely affect the normal functioning of the blood supply and nervous systems. Many of the factors that affect the blood supply are also associated with cardiovascular disease and the aging process. In the case of facts that cat through the nervous system, physical injuries, alcohol, drugs and various neurological disorders can underlie an ED problem. Finally, the problem is often traced to conditions such as diabetes, and kidney disease, which may affect both the blood supply and nervous system.

Most don’t know is that an underlying physical issue may cause Erectile Dysfunction, ED. Also the presence of ED may be the symptomatic of such issues. Patients who report having ED must go through a careful examination especially for possible diabetic and cardiovascular problems. Considering how an erection takes place, logically erectile dysfunction is basically a problem caused by one or more negative factors impacting in some way on the blood supply or nerve connections to the penis. The problems that are known to cause erectile dysfunction under some circumstances can be grouped as follows: problems that mainly affect the blood supply, problems that mainly affect the nervous system, other problems that significantly affect both systems, and those in which the mechanism is currently not fully understood. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by constriction of arteries, blockage of arteries, thickening of the blood, abnormal leakage of blood, alcohol abuse, illegal substance abuse, use of certain prescription and nonprescription drugs, surgery and physical injury, neurological disorders, diabetes, kidney disease and psychological factors. Vascular disease and diabetes appear to be the two most common single causes of erectile dysfunction. Vascular disease, which includes both problems affecting the arterial blood supply to the penis and control of flow in the veins draining blood from the penis, is a consequence of the aging process as programed into our individual genes and life-style factors such as improper diet, inadequate exercise and cigarette smoking. This is one area where prevention can play a very important role. Diabetes is a disease that becomes more common with increasing age, but the exact cause is still unknown. We do not as yet know how to prevent diabetes, but effective treatments do exist, including dealing with the resulting erectile dysfunction.

There are many treatments available to help combat Erectile Dysfunction but not all of them actually heal you. Some common solutions are pills, shots, implants, pumps or even over the counter medication.

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