Issues and Complications: ExoSurge and Peyronie’s Disease

What are the negative aspects of ExoSurge® treatments for Peyronie’s disease?

There have been no negative side effects associated with our ExoSurge® technology treatments aside from mild swelling and tenderness following care. Those outcomes are temporary are minimal for most patients.

The biggest problems associated with the ExoSurge® treatment platform are time, investment, and patient compliance.

Time Investment

Depending upon the size, nature, density, and location of plaque within your penis and the number and severity of Peyronie’s accelerators we must modulate, treatments can take anywhere between 3 – 52 weeks to remove the plaque and fibrosis.

A thorough analysis of your individual case will allow us to offer a realistic estimate of the time that will be required to heal your penis. The good news is that ongoing results are measurable: this isn’t a “wait until the end” guessing game.

We are willing to customize your approach based upon your personal circumstances.

Peyronie’s Treatment Costs

Depending upon all the related underlying diagnosis and your exact type of health insurance, some parts of your treatment are often covered by insurance. However, the breakthrough technology itself will not be covered until the technology is approved by the FDA. We only charge $60 per treatment for that aspect of care at this juncture in order to make this technology to as many men as possible.

At this point the drug injections are only insurance covered once every 14 days since that’s what’s recommended under the old method of just using Verapamil injections. (That will all change after FDA approval). For local patients, this works out fine. However, for patients coming from of town, traveling to Atlanta doesn’t make economic sense for a singular, insurance covered therapies. Additional treatments cost $370 per visit and patients can only get one session per day for safety’s sake.

Compliance: Peyronie’s Treatment Time Requirement

Because of the cost and time investments associated with our treatment process, some patients are unable to complete the process. Additionally, a few have attempted to start self-adjusting their prescribed protocol with things like P-shots which only hinders progress.

We are able and willing to create a custom regimen to support whatever specific circumstances whenever possible. The optimal and fastest result includes whatever complete process is prescribed, but we understand not everyone is in a position to achieve that situation.


One frustrating aspect of healing we’ve discovered from our patients with severe, long-established Peyronie’s conditions is that the curvature is all they’re fixated upon. Unfortunately, in such cases – the most notable reduction to curvature often occurs happens in the final phases because of the spider web nature of most plaque designs. We first must eliminate the largest plaques that are triggering the symptoms. Additionally, we sometimes have to enhance aspects of your underlying health or progress becomes much slower. These circumstances in cases with lots of dense plaque make resolution especially challenging when a patient refuses to be compliant. Severe Peyronie’s plaque almost always didn’t occur in one day. We can’t safely remove quick, either.

Free Initial Consultation

Do you want to know if ExoSurge is right for you? We provide a free initial case consultation over the phone to evaluate your current condition and determine if ExoSurge treatment is appropriate for you in the future. Most insurance plans (including Medicare) usually cover the costs of the extensive testing required to develop an accurate treatment plan for your Peyronie’s disease. However, there will be out-of-pocket expenses for care, which can be costly if you travel from out of state and must include travel costs, lodging, and meals.

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