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How does Rejuvall work? 

Rejuvall’s greatest claim to fame within male enhancement is that we offer an unprecedented variety of enlargement options, including 33 distinct procedures. Regarding what works best for a male’s enlargement, every man is different.

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for penis enlargement. For instance, what would happen if we attempted to merely add thickness to a man with a swollen fat pad? His resulting penis will become shorter. If we were to add length to a patient with significant scrotal webbing, the shaft portion with hair follicles would wind up too high on the shaft, causing intimacy-related discomfort for his partner.

We provide every safe and effective penile enlargement option including surgical, non-surgical, fat pad and stomach contouring and custom procedures. We tailor a plan of action and provide patients with their options for getting bigger.

A few of the key factors that impact what procedure is best suited for each patient include:

  1. Surgical vs. non-surgical
  2. Cost
  3. Downtime
  4. Existing health conditions
  5. Lifestyle decisions (i.e. smoking cigarettes)
  6. Existing penis size and increased size goals.

The Only Clinic that Guarantees Results

How many times have you seen phrases like “patients have reported” or “some patients attained,” only to be informed “everyone is different” when you inquire about what is guaranteed following a penile length procedure?

Many clinics make inferences, while others provide personal assurance.

Rejuvall guarantees results.

What happens if you do not get bigger?

Rejuvall’s medical team will try it again or refund your money. It’s that easy.

*Note: Some exceptions apply. See case exclusions section below for more information.

Rejuvall One Inch Penile Length Increase Guarantee

Our groundbreaking MegaMAXL 6:1 penile lengthening method is effective and successful for most men. Therefore, we are able to promise a minimum extension size, where other clinics cannot. We promise at least one inch of increased flaccid penile length after each Rejuvall MegaMAXL 6:1 enlargement treatment, or we’ll refund your money in full.

We don’t believe that a “ligament release” results in increased penile length except in a small minority of cases, as described in detail in ligament release procedure’s overview.

Some situations as described below are excluded from our one-inch length extension guarantee. While we will endeavor to add as much length as these patients have available, we may not be able to achieve a 1″ improvement in these cases.

Following are the case exclusions for the Rejuvall MegaMAXL one inch length guarantee

While 95% of men wanting a MegaMAXL qualify for at least one inch of added length 100% guaranteed, a few men who’ve had previous procedures, men of a certain age or who have certain clinical diagnosis are not idea candidates for surgical penile repositioning.

Many of these men can still receive at least an inch from penile repositioning, while others are referred for more suitable procedures. There are a few cases in which it is medically impossible to increase penis length.

  • Patients receiving a Rejuvall PermMAXL procedure. Rejuvall’s PermMAXL is one of our most popular procedures because it adds all-natural penile length and thickness into a singular operation. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a one-inch length improvement with this procedure due to the congruent complexities. We usually achieve at least an inch increase, but that’s not guaranteed.
  • Patients who have had a previous penile lengthening procedure. We never really know exactly what we’re getting into in these situations. Even when a patient describes what happened in the past, it doesn’t always match what we discover on the inside.
  • Micro-penile syndrome patients. Micro-penile syndrome is sometimes confused with a reduction of penile size as a result of weight gain or vascular/ED issues. However, men clinically certified with micropenis face challenging circumstances with enlargement. In micropenile syndrome cases everything is smaller (both inside and out), so we have a lot less organ tissue to work with straight away. Rejuvall commonly gets an extra inch of length in these cases, but we can’t guarantee that outcome. MicroMaxL™ costs page for treatment of micro penis syndrome
  • Patients with Peyronie’s disease. This procedure does not resolve lost solve or curvature Patients owing to fibrosis and scar tissue in the soft penile tissues.  After non-surgical plaque removal, we’ve had success enhancing length, but each case must be examined individually.
  • Patients have congenital penile defects such hypospadias or congenital curvature (chordee).  Although hypospadias procedures inspired the basis for our lengthening technology there’s only so much we can do in such cases. Some hypospadias cases are not suited for Rejuvall’s out-patient facility and must be performed in a hospital setting.
  • Patients who have had a penile prosthesis implanted in the past to address severe erectile dysfunction. There’s nothing Rejuvall can do to improve length if the implant is still in place. However, we can sometimes increase length after a prostheses is removed and before a new implant is implanted.
  • Patients who have had a silicone implant augmentation in the past.In these circumstances, our main goal is usually to try and get the patient’s length back to where it was before the implant was inserted and removed.
  • Overweight patients with an engorged fat pad. Patients who are obese and have an engorged fat pad should consider one of our unique LifeSize treatments, which combine surgical reduction of the suprapubic fat pad, lower stomach reduction and contouring, and a lengthening surgery. If we only perform length on these patients without fat pad reduction and contouring, the length locking technology that maintains the new length in place does not work.
  • Patients over the age of 62. The majority of men are aware that as they age, their penile size shrinks. After the age of 60, the pliability of the sponge-like quality of the corpora begins to diminish, regardless of physical health. While Rejuvall has been able to add more than an inch of length to men as old as 80 years old, we’ve also faced difficulty adding an inch to the length of men as young as 60 years old. Based on all of these experiences, we’ve drawn a line at 62 years old on our guaranteed length.
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