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Penile Enlargement: Results

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Increasing the length of your penis

“How big are you?” is measured by penile length. Men who are unhappy with the length of their penis often deal with low self-esteem and a diminished sense of manhood. Other doctors offer a variety of approaches to enhancing penile length, but only the Rejuvall MegaMAXL 6:1 guarantees results of at least one inch of additional length.

When other men’s clinic propose their method for lengthening your penis length and start tossing out all kinds of possible length size increases,

Ask the only question that matters: “How much length is guaranteed?”

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free consultation penile enhancement
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Improved orgasmic response from intercourse with a female is primarily driven by penile thickness. That’s just one of the reasons we offer 33 distinct versions of penile enlargement, 94 percent of which are all-natural. No two guys begin with the same penis and body size, as well as the same health paradigms and penile size increase goals. We provide individualized solutions for each man, and that’s how we’re able to guarantee every man: “Guaranteed Bigger”.

Lost Penis Size from Weight Gain?

If you’ve lost penis size owing to weight increase, Rejuvall provides seven breakthrough LifeSize operations to restore not only your size but also your self-image. For LifeSize patients, we’re experts in affordable, out-patient operations that make you bigger where it matters most.

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Wide Array of Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Solutions

You can choose from among seven distinctive non-surgical augmentation techniques if general anesthesia or a scalpel make you sweat. Rejuvall’s non-surgical enlargement procedures provide the quickest recovery time with the least amount of aftercare. Our patient care team is glad to discuss what results to expect.

You’ll find the correct solution for your specific enlargement needs at Rejuvall®.

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What is a Penile Enlargement Procedure?

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Any medical technique (both surgical and non-surgical) that results in a larger penis is referred to as a penile enlargement procedure. Some are meant to endure a lifetime, while others are temporary by design. Some use man-made dermal filling agents or synthetic inputs, others opt for a 100% natural outcome. Some add thickness, while others add length, and a few do both.

There’s a lot to think about. There’s just one penis in your body. You should take your time and complete your homework. Many penis enlargement reviews are purchased and paid for in the same way that they are on Amazon. Fortunately, there is one place where you can discover all of our dirty secrets: the Phalloboards, the world’s only 100% patient-driven penile enhancement review website.

If you’re just starting out?

The Phalloboards is the location where you’ll want to complete your homework.

Top Five Reasons our patients get an enlargement

Ever wonder what the most common demographic is for men getting a cosmetic penis enlargement?

It’s a 43-year-old male who’s married or in a committed relationship and facing one of these top five motivating factors…

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1. Men’s penises get smaller

2. Women’s vaginas get larger

Number 1 & 2 on this list are intertwined. Could there be a more unfair practical joke from Mother Nature?

Between childbirth and aging, the average female vagina gets 20%-45% wider by age 43. At the same time, men’s penises get smaller, sometimes significantly – because of aging, certain medical conditions, decreased vascular flow, or side effects from prescription medications.

Most men still vividly recall the more intense sensation during intimacy when they were younger. The change occurs so slowly, most men don’t realize what impact their gradually reduced size has on their pleasure or that of their partner.

Penile shrinkage after weight gain loss

3. Lost Size from Weight Gain

Lost penile size from gaining extra weight is rapidly becoming one of the biggest motivations for an enhancement.

Weight gain can perform a triple whammy on penis size.

The penis organ doesn’t actually “shrink” from weight gain. Rather, pressure from excess fat deep inside in the lower stomach area applies downward pressure where the penile organ is tethered to the pelvic bone pulling it inward.

Additionally, increased size at the suprapubic fat pad just above the penis causes the penis to become less and less visible.

Finally extra weight often triggers decreased vascular blood flow which translates to smaller size when flaccid.

Find out if you are a good candidate for an enlargement with Rejuvall

4. Embarrassment over Locker Room Length

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Locker Room Length, our most common size when flaccid, is a priority for lots of men. Smaller sized men sometimes suffer lost self-confidence because of it.  When we’re shy about baring our bodies in front of others, it can create unnecessary difficulties with intimacy.

Reduced locker room length requires a big picture, urologic evaluation as the problem can be rooted in decreased vascular flow, hormone imbalances, weight gain, prostate conditions, and side effects from prescription medications.

Whatever the source of your smaller flaccid size, we have solutions to make things better.

5. Genetic Predisposition

How do guys we’ve seen in pornographic clips get that big? Why are some guys endowed larger than others?

It’s genetics: like height and hair color.

While genetics may have robbed us of the penis we always wanted, lots of guys have learned they don’t have to stick with their birthright.

Simply stated: there’s no reason to remain smaller if it bothers you and affects your self-confidence.

6. Some guys just want to be bigger

Why do some men climb Mount Everest? Because it’s there.

A handful of enlargement patients each month are driven by a desire to simply become the “best they can be”. If you’re wanting to be as big as medically possible? We’ll show you pathways toward your largest potential outcome.

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What can a Rejuvall® enlargement do for you?

They don’t call it our “manhood” because it’s something minor.

Most men getting a penile enlargement talk about improved self-confidence and better sexual performance as the most noticeable benefits after the fact. Others point to how it improved their relationship. One patient who suffered from micro-penis shared how it changed his whole life.

What a penis enlargement will mean to you is often tied to your “motivating factor” discussed previously. Alas, more than one patient discovered that priority changed after he got enhanced. “I was overweight and had lost size. Fixing that was my motivation. I never realized what impact feeling better about that would have on my health habits. I’m a different, better man now. I’ll never go back where I was before.”

Tired of average?

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How Does All This Work?

  1. Your enlargement journey begins with a phone visit with one of our male certified case consultants. He’ll help evaluate your health parameters, size goals and answer questions to help guide you to the procedure that’s just right for your unique situation.
  2. If you are planning to use one of our patient financing platforms to fund your enlargement, most guys go ahead and seek pre-approval before scheduling a clinical consult as the amount of funding provided varies by credit score. We suggest that you hold off on getting a clinical consult until your funds are arranged since we’ll have to repeat your clinical case evaluation, if the time you’ll need to accumulate funding is longer than six months following your evaluation.
  3. Once you’ve narrowed your choice between 1-2 procedures and are confident in your ability to pay, you should schedule a clinical consultation with our surgeon over the phone to move forward. You’ll need to send privacy-protected photos of various angles of your penis and midsection so the doctor can best determine – clinically-speaking – which option will give you the optimal result. If you’re local or uncomfortable sending photos, you can schedule an in-office examination with the surgeon.
  4. After that? Schedule a procedure date. A $1,000 deposit is required to secure a specific date for most procedures.
  5. Subsequently, one of our surgical support assistants will work to get you started on any prescribed preparations and help you gather clinical tests, if needed (i.e. surgical procedures).
  6. Your final balance is due at least two weeks before your scheduled procedure. You can pay mailing a check, by credit card over the phone or through our secure patient portal. If the remaining balance goes unpaid, you will be contacted by phone to process the payment. If payments are not received by the due date, your procedure will be cancelled, and your $1000 deposit will be forfeited.
  7. Pre-Operative Visit: Your pre-operative appointment is scheduled two weeks prior to your surgery. In this process we confirm all your medical history and finalize all aspects of your procedure. If you are a non-nearby patient and cannot come to the office for your preoperative visit, your pre-op visit will be conducted over the phone. All local patients must come in for a pre-op with the surgeon. No exceptions.
  8. Procedure Day: On the day of your procedure, you’ll come to our office and finalize intake forms (they can also be completed in advance at our patient portal). You will need to share your identification before you are brought back to your exam room. The surgeon will visit with you before your procedure as a final confirmation of suitability for planned procedures. If you are having a surgical procedure with anesthesia, you’ll need to have someone drop you off and pick you up since you can’t legally drive a vehicle for 24-hours. You can also utilize a car service like Uber, Lyft or a cab for such transport.
  9. Out of state patients are required to stay at a nearby hotel for at least 48 hours following any lengthening surgery. Girth enhancement patients need to plan on being in Atlanta for 24 hours. This is required to make sure no unhealthy swelling or damage to stitches occurs. While most guys can do follow-up’s over the phone with photos, please keep in mind the surgeon may request a surgical follow up a few days after surgery.
  10. Post-Operative Care: You will receive a postoperative call from one of our medical assistants 24 hours after your procedure. During this call you will provide details regarding how you are feeling after your procedure, express any concerns you may have, and confirm aftercare instructions. You will also be given a phone number for our on-call medical assistant if you get concerned in advance of a follow up call.
  11. Follow Up Visits: If you had a botched enlargement repair or more extensive procedure, you’ll want to plan on revisiting our office a few times in the future to ensure success. Some patients require very little follow up care; others want or need more extensive post-operative support. We’re here to serve your needs no matter what the case.

Simple: How do I get started?

80% of our enlargement patients visit from other states or different countries from around the globe

That’s why all of our procedures are outpatient!

The entire process is usually smooth and trouble-free.

How it works:

  • You fly into Atlanta and stay at a nearby hotel
  • Take an Uber / Lyft to our clinic for your pre-op and procedure
  • Take your car service back to your hotel
  • Stay in Atlanta for the time specified by your procedure (1-2 days)

A simple text message can get you started.

  • Call (470) 788-8379, text (445) 220-0765, email (
  • Discreet
  • You’ll be talking to another male who’s a trained expert case advisor
  • He’ll make you feel very comfortable talking about this
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