Natural Remedies Erectile Dysfunction

Natural remedies that Work for Erectile Dysfunction

Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Combat ED Symptoms

Everywhere you turn, you see an advertisement for some newly discovered, easy remedy to resolve ED or improve sexual performance. Most people understand these are bogus however it’s estimated over $300 million worth of these worthless approaches were sold in the US alone last year. The bad news? There is no magic pill that will cure 90% of ED cases: it requires a combined medical therapy administered by a skilled urologist with lots of direct experience treating men’s sexual health paradigms.

The good news? There are low-cost steps you can take to improve matters!

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, ED, or impotence is a condition caused when there are negative factors impacting the vascular system of the penis or the nerve connections throughout the penis.  Essentially when a man cannot initiate or maintain an erection he most likely is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Who Suffers from ED?

The most common age range that suffers from ED are men aged 50 and older.  However, this does not mean that men of all ages cannot suffer from bouts of ED. Anyone who is having cardiovascular issues, has diabetes, smokes or drinks excessively or suffers from hormone imbalance is at risk.  What most people don’t know is that erectile dysfunction is commonly a symptom and not a diagnosis.  Usually if a man is suffering from ED they have a much bigger problem to be worried about.  Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are two major disease that result in ED problems and complications.

Ways to Avoid and Combat ED

There are many treatments available to help combat Erectile Dysfunction but not all of them actually heal you. Some common solutions are pills, shots, implants, and pumps or even over the counter medication.  Natural solutions to helping treat your ED include refraining from alcohol and cigarettes as well as cleaning up your diet and getting exercise.

About Whiskey Dick

There is a reason why phrases such as “whiskey dick” exist.  Drinking too much alcohol prohibits your body from getting an erection.  Cigarettes have the same effect because of the negative impact they have on your cardiovascular system.  If you want to combat your ED symptoms early before they become a full blown problem cleaning up your extracurricular activities can greatly help.

Morganstern Rejuvall’s Methods to Naturally Healing ED

Dr. Steven Morganstern’s solution to sexual health not only addresses immediate concerns – we solve the long-term problems. Our three-step process is unique, patented and only available at a Rejuvall Health Center – and includes a process for improving overall circulation, revascularization and collagen care. We also provide customized hormone care and select performance enhancers as needed. Instead, of providing a transitory fix we help to heal your ED.  Here at Morganstern Rejuvall we get you off of the typical “treatment treadmill” and onto better solutions that will not waste your time nor money.  Call us today to set up an appointment!

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