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Choosing Your Procedure

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There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to penile enhancement. Men come in all shapes and sizes, with varied health diagnosis plus unique desires for getting bigger.

Rejuvall offers 33 unique procedures for cosmetic penis enlargement. That’s a lot, we know it. Our extensive variety is necessary to ensure we provide the right solution for every man.

We also understand some guys are a bit shy to speak directly with one of our trained case consultants at the onset. That’s why we created this guidebook: a “do it yourself” self-evaluation penile enlargement guide.

Inquire about Procedures

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It's all about You

DIY Enlargement Evaluation

At Rejuvall Health Centers, we understand that researching the best penis enlargement surgery options can seem overwhelming. That is why our medical team added the best options for effectiveness all on one website. Some men find that non-surgical options are the best solution for them, while others seek a permanent one and done solution.

Do you know what outcome you want but not which procedure is best suited to get you there?

This section helps educate you on the three essential steps to ensure a successful penis enlargement.

We’ll start by discussing the reasons behind your desire for something bigger, and then we’ll get specific about how to determine your top priority. Following that, we’ll explore the variety of issues that could cause you to miss out on the exact enlargement you desire. Finally, we’ll lead you through the important process of selecting the optimal enlargement choice for your instance. Afterwards, we’ll educate you on the most common mistakes new patients make with penis enlargement, and how to avoid those expensive mishaps.

Free Consultation

free consultation penile enhancement

Which Penile Enhancement is Right for You?

 If we attempt to describe every variation of penile enhancement we perform, patients get easily overwhelmed.

We consider our broad selection essential to ensure we provide a workable path for every patient. We created this web content for patients to discreetly perform a “do it yourself” evaluation and gain better insight on their most suitable pathway for enlargement. However, we offer a 100% free consultation with a trained case advisor to make this process more convenient.

For this on-line version, getting started begins with a few simple questions:

What’s Your Biggest Priority?

Do you primarily want increased length, increased width, both increased equally, or both length and width but with one of those aspects more than the other?

Your best possible outcome often involves some sort of a trade-off between procedures. Gaining clarity regarding what’s “most important” with your male enhancement is a key to satisfaction.

 What’s Your Personal Preference?

Do you have a strong leaning regarding surgical vs. non-surgical, all-natural vs. man-made agents, life-lasting vs. removable enlargements?

If you want increased length or you’ve lost size from weight gain, those pathways require surgery. 94% of Rejuvall’s procedures are all natural.

What’s Your Present Physiology?

Are you a good candidate for the outcome you desire

Most surgical procedures require that you be a non-smoker, fat tissue transplants require you have the extra body weight to harvest donor tissue, and other procedures necessitate certain physiology, health diagnoses, etc.

Did you know your existing body configuration can play a big role in which procedure will give you the best outcome

Significantly overweight men might need to lose some weight or opt for a more expensive body contouring and enlargement combo procedure. Men diagnosed micro-penis or hypospadias match best with a customized pathway. Men with certain existing health diagnoses often require custom solutions.

We Make it Easy

Our certified case advisors are available to sort through your goals and circumstances to find the “just right” enhancement for you.

Motivating Factors

Answer These Essential Questions

When it comes to penis enlargement, one thing to remember is that it’s all about you and your needs. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” when it comes to increases in size. As a result, before considering any augmentation, you must examine your wants, needs, anxieties, health, and body. Your ideal penis enlargement is not the same as someone else’s.

As America’s longest running men’s sexual health clinic, we discovered two essential decisions every man should first make to help ensure a great outcome.

The First Decision: Identify and prioritize your most important “motivators”

The first step to consider is your motivations for wanting to get bigger.

That sounds simple, but there’s usually more to it.

There are usually underlying causes for your desire of an enlargement.

Most good decisions are based on a blend of logic and emotion. Motivating factors are also frequently a combination of these influences. Life experience, both positive and negative, is the most usual source for our motivating factors. We’re males, so every ten seconds we have a sexual thought. As a result, we frequently experience high levels of sexual anxiety.

Following is a list of the most common motivators for men seeking enlargement that we’ve discovered from patient interviews. We suggest patients print this list and indicate if the example is a “N, W or N/A.” (Need, Want or Not Applicable) If you have other motivator(s) experience from your own journey, please include it.

Common Motivating Factors for Penis Enlargement

Never felt confident stripping down in front of others

If the size of your penis has been a source for lost self-confidence when you bare yourself for as long as you can recall, you’re not alone. 62% of men are bothered by the size of their penis.

We’ll need to evaluate if the issue is rooted within inadequate vascular flow, weight gain or a need for more penile length as each of those issues requires a different approach for success.

Wanting more “moans and groans”

Increased penile size allows intimate partners to respond more positively. Most men enjoy the “cheerleader” effect verbal responses prompt during sexual activity. Some men notice how reactions declined because of aging, weight gain, and childbirth.

The primary reason for the change in sexual response is that when women age and have children, their vaginas widen by 20% to 50%, but men do not develop to compensate for this proportional shift. We call it “Mother Nature’s bad joke”.

Recover lost penis size after weight gain

Humans are getting taller and we’re getting bigger. A side effect of increased weight is the penis becomes visibly smaller. How does that happen? First, the larger supra pubic fat pad above the base of the penis envelopes the lower shaft, making it appear shorter. Second, increased belly fat in the lower abdomen applies pressure to the inner penis which is permanently tethered to our pelvic bone. That causes penis length to get pulled inward.

Rejuvall provides six different customized pathways for regaining lost penis size from weight gain. We’re hands down the best in the world in this category.

Reduced Penis Size from Aging or Medical Side Effects

There are a variety of medical conditions that can trigger lost penis size. Peyronie’s disease is a common source of reduced size and its also why Rejuvall got started offering male enhancements since we’re one of the nations premier Peyronie’s care centers. Lost penis size from aging is often attributable to a reduction in force behind vascular flow. Shrinkage following treatment for prostate cancer is another common situation.

Medically induced lost size requires a custom approach based upon the health diagnosis that caused the reduction. We provide the largest number of enhancement options on the planet to ensure success.

Improved locker room length

Having comfort and confidence to strip bare in front of others is only a fantasy for some men. Whether their audience is one person or a locker room full of roving eyes, some men dread stripping down because of the size of their flaccid penis.

Locker room lengthimprovement is evaluated based upon by determining if the problem is rooted within a vascular diagnosis (not retaining enough blood to maintain adequate size when flaccid) or if a penile lengthening procedure is in order.

Comparing your penis to men in pornographic videos

Some guys desire an enlargement, requesting a “porn star” penis, because they now have 24/7 access to porn star penises in action on the internet. This is not a healthy reason to get a penile enlargement. In terms of what he starts with, every guy is limited by genetics, and he can only add so much size regardless.

Keep in mind that the women reacting furiously to a porn star’s penis in a video are “acting.” Everything you’re seeing isn’t “actually” happening. Some men are born with a penis that is abnormally huge, while others are born with a penis that is abnormally little.

A new love interest

More than one man requesting an augmentation was motivated by an exciting love interest. In some cases, they’d investigated enhancement previously, but never felt compelled to pull the trigger. A new flame drives them to put their biggest and best foot forward.

If you’re smaller than average, we can customize a plan for a bigger you based upon the factors in your case. If we determine you’re already well sized, we’ll likely remind you that your new love interest will probably be happy with what you have now.

It feels like she’s gotten bigger, and doesn’t respond as before

This isn’t your imagination. It’s the biggest reason most men get a penis enlargement. As mentioned earlier, the average vagina gets 20%-50% wider from effects of aging and childbirth, but men don’t grow larger to offset this changed dynamic.

Improved response rooted from a naturally enlarged vagina is commonly resolved with a girth enhancement, assuming obesity isn’t a factor in the equation. Rejuvall provides both surgical and non-surgical girth enhancement pathways.

Decline of Erection Performance

If a man lives long enough, he will develop erectile dysfunction and require treatment. The loss in vascular health that occurs because of aging is unavoidable. Excellent health and good lifestyle habits help to delay symptoms, but they can’t solve the problem. Most men suffer modest symptoms in their early 40s, while some men may get ED as early as their 20s due to genetics or a specific health diagnosis.

A penis enhancement will not heal erectile dysfunction or cause signs of a failing erection. We’re a pioneer and world leader in the restoration of penile function. Before conducting any type of enlargement, we should first address your ED concerns. After regaining quality erections, we’ve had more than one patient decide against receiving an augmentation.

Humiliation from a previous partner

Approximately one of every ten men claims that a former intimate partner made them feel insecure about their penis. Many say they can’t get the unpleasant implications of that criticism out of their heads, especially during intimacy. Negative statements like these often occur just after a relationship ends, when an Ex tries to embarrass you by bragging about how much bigger her new man is.

Your penis is not described as your “manhood” because it’s insignificant. Overcoming negativity regarding your size is a common reason men get enhanced.

Genetically Smaller

Penis size is primarily a genetic trait. If you’ve dealt with the specter your whole life, we can make you bigger.

For the first time in medical history there are viable solutions to fix this problem. Rejuvall offers a variety of enlargement technologies you can’t get elsewhere. 

Biggest Possible

A certain number of men are driven to get the biggest penis they possibly can.

While there are limits to what every man can achieve and important considerations with aesthetics and proportion, we’re experienced in managing this unique pathway.

I want more erect length. Period.

Some men only care about increased erect penile length. Everything else is just an afterthought.

Unlike a woman’s breast (which is a sweat gland) or female buttocks (fat tissue), the part of your penis that creates an erection is a functioning human organ. Like every other organ in your body (i.e. hearts, lungs, kidneys, eyes) it can’t medically be made longer or larger than it is already. 

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL 6:1 penile lengthening procedure can add more of what you need than any other procedure in the world. By repositioning a portion of your penis that was previously inside your body, outward – and releasing all your anchoring ligaments to optimize subsequent results from stretching, we set you up to get the best results possible.

Always Wanted Bigger

Some guys aren’t embarrassed regarding their size but always wished it was somewhat bigger. “I’m not seeking a porn star penis, I just want mine bigger”. This is a common request among patients.

“What Matters Most?”

What matters most to you regarding a penile enhancement? We just discussed the most common motivating factors for getting an enlargement. Did you relate to any of them? Do you have something more specific in mind?

You now need to reexamine the list of items marked “N” (needs) from above vs, the wants. Is there a common thread between them? If you had to choose “What matter most?” – what would that be?

We realize most guys feel compelled to improve multiple metrics at once. We’ll assist you in identifying options that will allow you to attain multiple goals simultaneously. However, our research shows that men who are most satisfied after male enhancement have a better understanding of their top priority.

We need you to choose between as your highest ranked priority:

  • Increased penis length
  • More penile thickness
  • Regaining lost penis size from health conditions
  • Something specialized

This is for you, it’s all about you and thus only you can determine “what matters most”.

Be honest.

You’ll be happier.

Incorporating your limitations

You’ve considered and ranked the driving forces behind your desire for an enhancement and narrowed in on the “one big thing” that’s most important for your outcome.

Factor your limitations

free consultation penile enhancement

What’s next?

We need to consider aspects that might hinder or delay certain pathways. Not every man is ideally suited for every procedure. Existing health diagnosis, body shape and weight, free time available for recovery, budget and your exact increased size objectives all play a role in finding the right procedure for your case.

Please keep in mind, one of our trained male case advisors will be happy to help walk you through your self-diagnosis process – you can email, call or text today to set up a connection to make this whole process faster and simpler.

Body Evaluation

Large vs. Dadbod vs. Slim vs. Fit

There are basically four basic male body types, with all sorts of iterations in between and beyond these realms, including:  

  • Large: Oversized belly, sometimes with engorged fat pad that “hides” part of a penis when flaccid
  • Dadbod: Mild belly overhang but not extreme, fat pad might or might not envelope a portion of the flaccid penis (genetics also play a role here)
  • Slim / Skinny: Little or no body fat. No engorged fat pad.
  • Fit: Muscular form. Muscular forms vary in terms of amount of body fat.
overweight penile length extension

Appraise Size of Fat Pad & Visible Penis

The size of the fat pad has a greater impact on operation possibilities than the size of the belly. The supra pubic fat pad is the area above the penis that extends up to the belt line. Even skinny men might develop an expanded fat pad because genetics, as well as excess weight, play a role. You’ll want to track of how much of your flaccid and erect penis can be seen. (Before analyzing this element, don’t tug on your penis.)

If your fat pad conceals more than a quarter of your flaccid length, you’ll most likely need one of Rejuvall’s LifeSize operations to improve things. If your fat pad is hiding less than 1/3 of your flaccid length, you can optionally pair a mini-fat pad reduction with a MegaMAXL 6:1 lengthening procedure to bring about a superb outcome.

We may generally improve your condition with a penile lengthening surgery paired with a surgical mini-fat pad reduction if the fat pad is hiding some of it but not more than 1/3 of it.

Existing Penis Size

Your existing penis size impacts which procedure might be best suited. We will help you evaluate both its length and width in terms of enhancement options.

Existing erect penile length matters most in significantly obese cases. If an engorged fat pad envelopes the penis when flaccid for too long, the body will begin to reabsorb the penis shaft. That means even dramatic weight loss won’t restore penis length. These cases require an extensive hospital procedure where a new penile shaft is transplanted to the penis from a donor site, most commonly from the inner thigh. Hospital procedures for severe penis issues do allow you to use your health insurance to help defray some costs but they’re still expensive: out of pocket expenses typically start around $30,000 and require at least one week’s stay in the hospital.

Before penile augmentation

Recovery, aftercare, and down time considerations

Recovery Time and Aftercare

When it comes to planning their surgery and any downtime or aftercare involved with their enhancement, some men face few obstacles. Others are far too busy to take any time off at all.

Depending on the complexity of the case, Rejuvall’s LifeSize operations have the most difficult recovery window.

In terms of the quickest post-surgical mobility, girth-only treatments heal faster than lengthening procedures. The surgical thickening girth procedure, on the other hand, involves a lengthier time of swelling than non-surgical thickness options.

Not lifting anything over ten pounds for 4-6 weeks is required a lengthening treatment necessitates plus a two-night stay at a nearby Atlanta hotel.

Non-Surgical Enlargements

For guys who can’t afford downtime or are afraid of a scalpel or anesthesia, non-surgical enlargements are the safest and most convenient option. Rejuvall offers a range of non-surgical enhancement options, the majority of which leverage on our ground-breaking MacroSculpting technique for better evenness and faster healing.

The disadvantage of a non-surgical enhancement is you can’t increase penile length. Men who “turtle” when flaccid because of limited penile blood flow will usually notice a longer and thick “Locker Room Length” sized penis. However, men with inadequate starting length will usually appear even shorter after a girth enhancement.

Similarly, obese patients are almost good candidates for either surgical or non-surgical penile thickness as the width increase only exasperates a partially hidden penis.

Hemoglobin A1C

free consultation penile enhancement

Health & age factors

Your Health, Age and Penile Augmentation

Your health and any linked diagnoses play a vital role in determining which operations are appropriate for your situation, especially when it comes to out-patient surgical procedures.

A high A1C (more than 7) prevents safe out-patient anesthesia. Surgical enhancements are normally not available to patients who have had an organ transplant. Before undergoing a surgical augmentation, patients with a history of heart illness must acquire anesthetic approval from their cardiologist.

An allergy to bovine products limits the alternatives for non-surgical penile thickening with FDA-approved Bellafill.

If you have erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease, a penis enlargement will not solve or improve your problems. Thus, you’ll want to get those issues resolved before getting bigger. Rejuvall is one of the best clinics in the country for treating erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

Your age has an impact on which operations will work best for you. Even if they are in good health, men over the age of 62 are not suitable candidates for a fat tissue transplant for penile thickening. Starting at the age of 60, all humans’ adipose cells, which are required for a successful transplant, begin to deteriorate. Because the penis continues to grow until men reach 25, patients under the age of 21 are not the good candidates for length increases. Unless we’re treating a preexisting hypospadias diagnosis, we prefer young males under the age of 18 to wait for an augmentation (even with parental support).


Price impacts almost everyone’s enhancement decision.

Importantly, while price is the amount you pay, value is what you actually receive. We strive to offer procedures where the value proposition is superior to what you’ll find elsewhere. For example, our MegaMAXL penile lengthening procedure includes six different penile lengthening procedures in a single operation. Most competing versions offer 1-2 such procedures. Our LifeSize options include 10-14 surgical procedures in a single operation. We deliver the best outcomes for your investment.

All Rejuvall’s on-site procedures are affordable outpatient options where any post procedure recovery can occur at a nearby hotel vs. an expensive hospital bed.

Our most costly procedures are our LifeSize options due to the amount of extra surgical time required in those outcomes. Most patients can cut additional costs by first losing a targeted amount of weight. We’re here to help any patient seeking to get healthier.  

A comprehensive list of prices for Rejuvall procedures is included at this page

We strongly suggest you review the most common and costly errors we see each year in our penis enlargement repair. Revamping a botched enlargement is far more expensive than getting it performed correctly, the first time.

Which Rejuvall Enlargement Procedure is Right For You?

Penis Enlargement Assessment Highlights

Have you figured out which penis enlargement is best for you? To begin, it appears simple: “I want a bigger penis.” However, getting to your best option is a little more difficult.

Let’s go over the main issues we discussed for you to think about.

Biggest Priority

According to our research, the guys who are most satisfied with augmentation had a clear understanding of “What Matters Most” – length, girth, lost size due to weight increase, a penile cosmetic issue, and so on.

Motivating Factors

Our desire for improvement is frequently accompanied by an emotional component. Exploring and taking ownership of these concerns is a crucial element of the decision-making process.


Your choices are influenced by your health and lifestyle habits. Many options are limited when you smoke a cigarette. Along with your age, an elevated A1C diabetes number has an impact on your selections. Consider what you can change and whether you’re willing and capable of doing so.


Every buying decision is influenced by price. Is it necessary for you to first save money or enhance your credit score in order to obtain procedure financing?

Avoid Making Mistakes

We run one of the busiest “penis enlargement repair” clinics in the country since world our surgeon is a recognized world authority in penile reconstructive surgery. While we’re delighted and humbled to help these individuals reclaim their lives, it’s a tragic way to begin our partnership.

Before you pull the trigger, please examine our “Mistakes to Avoid” section and do your homework thoroughly.

Bodies and Procedures Matched

Following is a graphic that fundamentally illustrates the most common procedures we perform by body type.

Enlargement Pathways Explained by Body Type

Working from right to left, we’ll discuss enhancement procedures based upon related body type.

Body Type G

If your body is similar to Body Type G (in terms of minimum / little or no body fat), we can surgically increase penile length with our MegaMAXL 6:1 and then add girth with a SemiPerm or BellaThick. We normally recommend beginning with the lengthening process (if you desire both length and girth) because it yields the best results.

It’s possible that certain muscular guys have the correct type of body fat to have a fat tissue transplant for surgical girth, but this is uncommon. The fat they do have frequently does not equate to the type of tissue required for a smooth penile girth.

Body Type F

We can add length surgically using our MegaMAXL 6:1 if your physique is similar to that of Body Type F (in terms of minimal body fat, you don’t have to be muscular). Guys with a modest amount of belly fat can enhance girth with a PermaLite, SemiPerm, or BellaThick after lengthening. Body Type F males can sometimes qualify for a PermMAXL, but it depends on the patient.

Body Type E

You’ll notice that healthy males who are a few pounds overweight have the most male enhancement options. (For example, Body Type E). If your body type is anywhere between E and D, you’ll have a similar selection of options. You can receive any enhancement procedure given by Rejuvall if you have Body Type E and are in good health. All natural girth methods are contraindicated if you smoke cigarettes or have a high A1C. (PermaLite and PermaThick)

Body Type D

If your stomach is more like Body Type D, you’re on the line between traditional surgical size increases and a LifeSize procedure. The key point of evaluation is the suprapubic fat pad.

If you push down at the base of the penis and notice significant improvement in your penile length, then it’s likely you’ll first need a Grade-I LifeSize procedure to start.

Body Type C

If you have a stomach that resembles Body Type C, you may have lots of options, it’s dependent upon the size of your suprapubic fat pad.

If your fat pad is hiding part of the penis, we won’t be able to add length without performing a LifeSize procedure which includes surgical fat pad excision, stomach sculpting, and penile lengthening in a singular operation. After that, you can choose from a variety of thickening options. The LifeSize procedures section contains information on how various LifeSize treatments are diagnosed.

Body Type B

If your stomach is more like Body Type B, a LifeSize operation will almost always be required to achieve a satisfactory result.

The LifeSize technique from Rejuvall combines surgical fat pad excision, stomach sculpting, and penile lengthening into a single procedure. After that, you can choose from a variety of thickening options. The LifeSize procedures section contains information on how various LifeSize treatments are diagnosed.

Body Type A

If your stomach is more like Body Type A, you may need to undergo surgery in a hospital rather than at Rejuvall’s out-patient clinic. If most of the penile shaft has been reabsorbed into the body, a significant surgery is required.

Neither fat reduction nor major weight loss will restore or improve penile length in these circumstances. A new shaft must be transplanted onto the penis.

Health insurance might help cover some of the costs of a hospital operation, but out-of-pocket payments can range from $30,000 to $75,000.

Working from right to left, we’ll discuss enhancement procedures based upon related body type.

Price Revisited

If you’re wanting increased size down below but you’re packing a BMI over 35 and your budget is $8,000, you’re not going to find viable solutions. However, you can find someone who tells you what you want to hear and end up worse off than you were before.

Your best option in such an instance is to first focus on improved exercise and diet that will lead you toward more affordable options.

If you want all natural, life lasting penile thickness or increased length but are currently smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, now is a good time to quit. FYI: you can keep smoking with certain dermal fillers for increased girth.

In other words, study up on procedures and find the one that’s going to deliver what you need. Then, take the steps now that will make it better and more affordable when you’re ready!

Avoid These Common Mistakes

The final step in your penis enlargement decision-making process is not ending up with a bad outcome. That would seem to be a given, right? Unfortunately, given the proliferation of clinics now offering enhancements, our “repairs” operation has become one of the fastest growing aspects of Rejuvall, since our surgeon is generally recognized as one of the top two urologic penile reconstructive experts in the world. (and the only one with a sub-specialty repaired problematic enhancements)

The three primary reasons for penis enlargement failure

We discovered the three most common threads for penis enlargement failure based upon detailed patient interviews from our repairs.

They include:

Don’t become the next $100,000 penis enlargement patient

When the $100,000 male enlargement patient initially arrived at our facility, he brought a snapshot of his beautiful wife with him. “She told me not to do it,” he said as he began to describe his trials in detail. “All I want to do now is get back to normal and put this whole thing behind me.”

Given Dr. Carney’s extensive training and experience as a penile plastic trauma surgeon and urologist, there’s almost no situation we can’t improve, or at the very least get the patient back to where they started. However, that voyage can be time consuming at costly in severe cases.

What causes someone to end up spending more than $100,000 on a penile enlargement?

It began when he connected with a highly visible male enlargement brand.

The cost of his original augmentation surgery was:

  • The initial procedure costs $16,000 plus travel and lodging expenses of $1,000 = $17,000

His treatment caused a slew of problems, including a penile infection that prompted a trip to the emergency department.

  • Visit to the emergency room: $1,200 out of pocket + $4,300 covered by his employer’s health insurance = $5,500

In an attempt to fix his concerns, the $100K man returned to his original enlargement surgeon and had his original treatment duplicated.

  • Procedure to be repeated: free + travel = $1,000

The second procedure for the $100K man also failed, but things got worse. His penis began to clearly shorten as well as the diseased area did not heal. At the base of the suprapubic fat pad, he noted pain and perceptible hardness immediately above the penis. He asked his original surgeon for a complete reversal.

  • Fee for reversal procedure: $2,000 + $1,000 for trip = $3,000

According to the $100K man, he was given a vacuum pump and a penile stretching equipment and informed by the surgeon that if he used them as directed, there would be no side effects.

Soon later, the patient discovered that when he was erect, his penis began to curve significantly. In addition, he noticed that the perceptible area around the base of his penis was larger and denser. His penis was still shorter than it had been, and the new curve made it appear even smaller. Calls to his original surgeon were ignored.

The $100,000 man came to Rejuvall for an evaluation, and after duplex Doppler sonography testing we discovered three large regions of penile plaque and fibrosis within his penis, which was the cause of his erect curvature. Also, during a medical examination, a large mass of scar tissue was discovered at the base of his penis.

  • Visits to the doctor’s office and testing: $200 out of pocket + $1,700 from his employer’s health insurance + travel $500 = $2,400

With our revolutionary ExoSurge technology, we were able to permanently eliminate his Peyronie’s plaque and fibrosis.

Treatment costs included:

Out-of-pocket device treatment expenses: $4,700

Insurance covered device treatment costs: $19,700

Intralesional Peyronie’s Drug Injections: $14,100 covered by insurance + $4,400 out of pocket) = $18,500

Travel for week-long stays during therapeutics: $7,100

Repairing Peyronie’s plaque and fibrosis in total costs $54,700.

The patient required a single surgical treatment to remove a mass of scar tissue that had accumulated at the base of his penis and was the primary cause of his diminished penile length = $8,000 + travel $1,000 = $9,000  

Finally, we performed a penile lengthening treatment on the patient, restoring another ¾ inches of lost length = $9,800.

His total receipts (which we still have copies of in our office) came to $102,400, and his penis was only a touch bigger than when he started his hellish voyage.

If you think a poor enhancement option won’t wreck your life,

reconsider your position.

Common examples of why a penis enlargement procedure fails

The most common underlying explanations for unsuccessful penis enlargement go beyond the primary reasons for failure.

“I want to stick close to home”

We get it: it’s embarrassing to talk about penis enlargement and we’re nervous. Unfortunately, that makes us easier to influence and more likely to make a knee jerk decision.

There’s now a lot of places offering some form of dermal injections for penis enlargement. Since that’s all they offer, that will also be the only procedure you need regardless of diagnosis. Likewise, nearby surgical procedures with less skilled practitioners usually get poor results.

31% of our repair procedures are rooted to this bad decision.

Finding and Evaluating Real Penis Enlargement Reviews

If you’ve bought on Amazon, you already know about the utter scams associated with fake reviews. Last year, we performed a repair upon a man who was provided a “free” enlargement at a popular enhancement clinic in return for him agreeing to produce a hyped video testimonial.

We were barely able to restore his original size before his “free” enlargement and sadly, that repair process wasn’t cheap

The good news regarding penis enlargement reviews?

There’s a popular website known as the “Phalloboards” run by penis enlargement patients and guru’s that include the most accurate, detailed and honest assessments of all thing’s penis enlargement, including unconventional aspects.

If you’re currently evaluating an option with a particular doctor, you really need to go interact with patients who really paid for his or her procedure and find out if you’re making a wise choice.

While they Phalloboards permits vetted doctors to run advertisements on the website, physicians can’t include posts without specific permission, which allows patients to speak freely.

Optionally, you can just read the wide variety of threads from questions posed by others that you can relate to.

It’s free, run by patient volunteers, and depends upon donations. Please give so the next person seeking the truth doesn’t get scammed.

Keep your future options open

Keeping your future options open makes total sense but a lot of men who get an enhancement aren’t told the pathway they’re pursuing will close off future choices if they change their mind or are dissatisfied. Oops!

The most common enlargement pathways that limit future options are girth procedures with PMMA or silicone or Silikon®. While we like, recommend, and use PMMA for a non-surgical long lasting girth enhancement, we think it’s very important to educate patients that they can’t change directions to a fat tissue transplant or dermal graft procedure in the future. We steer new patients to versions you can easily change directions in the future.

Whereas a non-surgical penile thickening procedure using a hyaluronic acid dermal filler (we use Juvéderm Voluma) does allow you to change direction in the future.

We don’t believe any version of silicone or the branded Silikon® is suited or penis enlargement. While Silikon® is FDA-approved as a facial dermal filler, its only endorsed by its manufacturer for use in very small “micro droplet” amounts. A penile thickening procedure is not a case that involves “micro droplets”. We tried it years back, its simply impossible to evenly distribute and its can’t be reversed.

Some practitioners blend synthetic Silikon® with a thicker hyaluronic acid filler to provide it with a condensed viscosity that’s more suitable for penis sculpting. That’s great – for 12-18 months or until the thicker H/A mix is reabsorbed into the body. Afterwards, patients are left with life-lasting, uneven clumps of machine-made Silikon® in their penile shafts and there’s no injectable agent they can soften or disperse Silikon®. Sometimes, the agent can be drained from the shaft skin to reverse the outcome. In severe cases, the Silikon® attaches to the inner penile shaft and the only option for repair includes a penile shaft transplant in the hospital. 

A low price is what attracts most people to silicone-based products. It’s cheap – because it’s cheap. PMMA can be softened to resolve granuloma nodules through certain injections. It can be surgically removed. It can be fixed. Anything silicone derived cannot.

Penis enlargement doesn’t fix ED or Peyronie’s

A few guys hope to enlarge their way out of a diseased penis caused by vascular failure or plaque formation from Peyronie’s disease by enlarging it. This is not an option.

A well executed penis enlargement operation never causes ED or Peyronie’s disease. It also does nothing to address these difficulties.

Putting a nice new paint job on a car that doesn’t run is the last thing any guy wants to do. It will make you despise your automobile even more.

We can help you resolve any ED or Peyronie’s difficulties, and we strongly advise you to do so before undergoing any enlargement.

Obesity Penis Enlargements

Excess weight has a monumental impact on the size of a penis as well as the options to resolve the issue.

Significant obesity makes the penis appear smaller: A combination of events make the penis appear smaller from obesity. First, an engorged fat pad above the base of the penis that becomes visible from beneath the pelvic bone becomes partially “hidden” by the engorged suprapubic fat pad. Second, excess compacted fat in the lower abdomen applies pressure to the area deep inside the body where the penis organ “begins” and it permanently tethered to the pelvic bone, thereby pulling the organ inward.

There’s a variety of degrees and levels of obesity and its impact on the penis explained in better detail within our LifeSize enhancements section.

Penile lengthening will not succeed without congruently addressing surgical improvement of the excess fat. The enhanced length gets pulled back within the body in such cases. Worse still is attempting a girth-only enlargement upon an obese patient. The penis gets noticeably shorter in those cases.

Patients with excess weight must approach enlargement from a customized approach explained in our LifeSize section.

Girth doesn’t add real length

There has been a recent proliferation of clinic offering injectable fillers for penis enlargement. It’s excited seeing the category grow.

Since most these clinics only perform non-surgical thickening procedures, they tend to proclaim lengthening surgeries don’t work. We agree, there’s a lot of poorly designed penile lengthening procedures available. However, many insinuate girth procedures add penile length. That’s just not true.

A girth procedure can improve your “locker room length” by adding weight and thickening akin to extra blood flow, assuming you already have some decent size. If you’re smaller, it creates an outcome where you get embarrassingly shorter. Repeated girth enhancements on average or longer penises will also result in shortening.

It’s basic math from Archimedes and displacement theory: there’s a finite amount of space in the penis. If more goes in? Something else has to give.

Rejuvall can add length to men where this happens after the fact but it’s more challenging to properly stretch post-operative with the girth agent in place.

Bottom line?

Do your homework at places like the Phalloboards (link) where you’ll get real reviews and input from real patients.

Length procedure failures

Failed penile lengthening procedures are one of the most common complaints we encounter.

Rejuvall doesn’t don’t believe a surgical release of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments provides any additional length. That’s our experience although we heard from one patient that a practitioner who stated, “You’ll gain one inch from the release of the top ligaments and two inches if I also release the deep ligaments”.

Most lengthening procedures are cased with statements like “patients have reported” or “some patients observed”. Also, many patients have reported their surgeon explained their “ligaments reattached” which was included within the warnings on the pre-surgical paperwork. That’s not something you can prove otherwise. Ligaments can reattach. IT’s a valid concern. However, after over 1,000 penile lengthening procedures at Rejuvall we’ve never had ligaments reattach. Alas, it is possible.

To achieve optimal success with penile lengthening, we suggest the following.

  1. Perform lengthening separately: If you want to optimize penile length, get your lengthening done separately from a girth enlargement. Our all-natural length and girth PermMAXL procedure is one of our most popular. However, it takes much longer to gain length following the swelling associated with the girth enlargement and some men aren’t dedicated to the required stretching months after the procedure.
  2. Read real reviews of lengthening procedure results from real sources at the Phalloboards: Bogus claims on penile lengthening are common. It’s a very challenging procedure of which to succeed. You want to talk to real patients who had a length procedure with the surgeon you’re considering: did they get more length.
  3. Insist on a guarantee: We guarantee at least one inch of new length with our MegaMAXL 6:1 penile lengthening procedure. There are exclusions like guys who already had a failed length procedure, etc. However, if someone’s saying they can get you 1-2 inches of added length, don’t you think they could guarantee at least ¾ inches?

Get a guarantee.

How it All Works

80% of patients who get an enhancement arrive from another state or even from another country.

We make this whole process as simple as possible.

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