Studies on CurveFree

Where’s the proof of CurveFree™ Technology healing Peyronie’s Disease?

Rejuvall just started a retrospective study of its case results using the CurveFree™ treatment process and is now preparing to initiate a prospective analysis of success for further clarification. Dr. Morganstern plans to publish an analysis of these findings as they become available.

Our present results are proving nothing short of game-changing – we haven’t had a single patient who was compliant in his treatment that hadn’t experienced an improvement in reduction of both plaque and curvature: not one!

In retrospective, had we realized we finally unraveled the secret to healing Peyronie’s disease when we first installed this technology in 2015? We would have started creating proof studies from that onset. Alas, Dr. Morganstern has been working on the development of such treatments for decades. We didn’t realize we achieved checkmate until more recently.

What’s the biggest problem facing our new CurveFree™ Technology?

Skepticism abounds over Peyronies treatments

Simply stated: the large number of earlier treatments that failed or come up short causing adequate patient success created lots of distrust in today’s market. That’s only fair. We embrace this cynicism will take time to overcome via our continued success and independent analysis of our results.

We are presently launching a series of development projects that will help create a healing path for all with Peyronie’s, including:

  • A series of case analysis reports that highlight conditions and improvements regarding recent select cases from verifiable vascular “before and after” studies,
  • A retrospective study of all cases we’ve completed this past year – including both compliant and non-compliant patients,
  • A prospective study managed by an Independent Review Board to analyze new patients results from start to finish under specific constraints,
  • Expansion and Licensure of our CurveFree™ technology to a handful of select urologists in the US to prove success outside of our facility and results duplication.

Dr. Morganstern will publish papers regarding all these outcomes in the medical community as the information comes available.

Peyronies Treatments that failed and/ or came up short of expectations, include: The limitations of Verapamil

An L-type phenylalkylamine class calcium channel blocker, of the type known generically as “Verapamil,” has long been used as a treatment for plaque decimation to treat Peyronie’s disease. We also use Verapamil during our treatment system. However, by itself? Verapamil is simply not powerful enough to dissolve plaque commonly found in Peyronie’s patients. It’s a support tool – not a solution

The failures of Surgery

A long-term retrospective follow-up of Peyronie’s disease patients who have undergone surgery for the condition reveals a rise in curvature recurrence as well as increased postoperative erectile dysfunction.

Simply stated: PD surgery usually results in a shorter penis and a strong likelihood of erectile dysfunction. This is but one reason less than 2% of all cases end up in surgery.

Surgery for PD is currently only indicated in the chronic, stable state of the disease in patients with a degree of curvature that does not allow for sexual intercourse and/or causes pain, the study’s authors pointed out.

The meaningless Pills and Supplements

A quick glance from a Google search offers a myriad of worthless “cure with a pill” Peyronie’s treatment solutions designed to snag the uneducated guy. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. It’s a reality of the life and times we now live in.

There are no approved or proven pills to treat Peyronie’s disease. You can’t remove plaque with a pill: for the heart or the penis.
The limitations of Verapamil

The Disastrous “Snakeoil” Peyronie’s Treatments

One of the most challenging circumstances we’ve endured while healing patients with CurveFree™ technology is hearing the horror stories some men already endured trying new processes that didn’t work. The combined amount of time, money, and anguish endured from these failures is depressing. Worse still? Many of these same “solutions” ended up causing additional penis trauma resulting in worse curvature and additional plaque.

Free Initial Consultation

Wondering if CurveFree™ might be right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFree™treatment in your future.

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