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Status of Published Studies

Our lawyers have not yet allowed us to share any details of our studies because the information contained therein includes details for upcoming patents. We are eager to share the latest research and news with our patients. Waiting is as frustrating to us as it is to many of our patients and future clinical partners.

Here are the latest research study results we can share on the effectiveness of reducing penile plaque and fibrosis:

Research on Penile Plaque Removal

Our most recent retrospective study showed a 79% reduction in the penile plaque and fibrosis that cause Peyronie’s (confirmed through verifiable changes in imagery from duplex Doppler sonographic imagery). More recent results appear to be even better.

We can now share some imagery you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

First, are a handful of “before and after” ultrasonic images of reduction in calcified plaque from ExoSurge technology. Fibrotic plaque appears in “movie” type images that require motion to measure, making them impossible to compare frame to frame.

Before and After Peyronie’s Calcification Reduction Images

Peyronie’s cases, in which calcification accumulates on top of fibrotic plaque, create the most difficult and time-consuming pathways for patients. Our current technology is effective at removing calcified and fibrotic plaques, but calcification takes much longer to remove due to its density.

We recently developed a promising new method for removing calcified Peyronie’s plaque. We hope to share more information about this breakthrough in the future.

The images below are a selection of “before and after” images from duplex Doppler sonographic images of calcified plaque changes using our traditional ExoSurge and intralesional drug injections.

There is no other method that has ever demonstrated a verifiable reduction in Peyronie’s calcification.

Peyronie’s Treatment Inquiry

Before and After Peyronie’s Penile Photos

Following that is a sample of something you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Real before and after Peyronie’s treatment images, with curve measurement change devices confirming improvement.

Do you still not believe us?

Google “Before and After Pictures of Peyronie’s”. Find out how many you find.

What’s the biggest problem facing our new ExoSurgeâ Technology?

New Peyronies treatments are met with skepticism.

Simply put, the large number of previous treatments that failed or fell short of achieving adequate patient success has created a lot of distrust in today’s market. That’s only fair. We understand that this cynicism will take time to overcome. We also value the fact that our detailed etiology of what causes Peyronie’s will require another twenty years of testing and research before it is universally accepted in urology.

We continue to make strides. A major focus right now is on how we can speed up the plaque removal process among the various patients we see.

Our patent legal issues further complicate matters. We can’t even share a tenth of what we’ve discovered yet. We have nearly two decades of effort and a lot of money invested in the development of this technology.

Right now, our hands are tied. Much of this, we’re told, will change by the end of 2023. We can’t wait to tell you all about our discoveries.

Free Initial Consultation

Do you want to know if ExoSurge is right for you? We provide a free initial case consultation over the phone to evaluate your current condition and determine if ExoSurge treatment is appropriate for you in the future. Most insurance plans (including Medicare) usually cover the costs of the extensive testing required to develop an accurate treatment plan for your Peyronie’s disease. However, there will be out-of-pocket expenses for care, which can be costly if you travel from out of state and must include travel costs, lodging, and meals.

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