What is ExoSurge?

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What is ExoSurge?

ExoSurge is a new non-surgical, patented medical technology that uses a custom blend of injected gases to dramatically boost the efficacy of two generic intralesionally injected Peyronie’s drugs21.

[21] Choi, Edward J., et al, Intralesional Injection Therapy and Atypical Peyronie’s Disease: A Systematic Review, Sex Med Rev, 2021 Jul;9(3):434-444.

It is the world’s first clinically-proven technology to permanently remove penile fibrosis and plaques (79% reduction in most recent study) that trigger morphed penile appearance issues such as erect curvature, indentions, shortened length, and hourglass shaping. 

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a $50 million stumbling block: obtaining FDA approval for our gas and drug injection

Peyronie’s non-invasive treatment

technology. We expect to have formed a partnership with a much larger pharmaceutical company by the end of 2023, which means we’ll be able to start prospective clinical trials in 2024 and then file for FDA approval; the device and drugs are not yet available for purchase by other urologists.

We hope to collaborate with clinicians to bring this groundbreaking technology to those seeking a permanent conservative Peyronie’s solution once we are approved by the FDA. We are also hopeful that this therapy will be fully covered by insurance at that time.

What’s involved with each ExoSurge Treatment?

We discovered that most patients are best suited receiving a single ExoSurge® treatment once daily, and each treatment takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. The total number of ExoSurge® treatments required for each patient is determined by the size and density of the treated penile plaque areas (the longer the plaque has been in place, the denser it typically becomes). We must also evaluate and manage the status of any Peyronie’s accelerators in each patient, existing health paradigms, and which of the ten various plaque structures is predominant. Failure to optimize these latter aspects dramatically slows improvement with plaque reduction.

Reported side effects from ExoSurge® have included penile bruising, swelling, and mild pain at the injection site.

Free Initial Consultation

Do you want to know if ExoSurge is right for you? We provide a free initial case consultation over the phone to evaluate your current condition and determine if ExoSurge treatment is appropriate for you in the future. Most insurance plans (including Medicare) usually cover the costs of the extensive testing required to develop an accurate treatment plan for your Peyronie’s disease. However, there will be out-of-pocket expenses for care, which can be costly if you travel from out of state and must include travel costs, lodging, and meals.

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