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MegaMAXL™ 6:1 Penile Lengthening Procedure

$ 9,800
  • One inch length improvement, guaranteed
  • List of Features
  • List of Features

PermMAXL™ Penile Length and Width Procedure

$ 11,500
  • PermMAXL™ Penile Length and Width Procedure
  • All natural, life lasting enlargement
  • Eleven unique procedures in a single operation

MicroMAXL™ Micropenis Lengthening Procedure

$ 10,800
  • Game changing micro penis lengthening approach
  • Seven procedures in a singular operation
  • Includes custom “stippling” procedure to optimize Micropenis lengthening

The PLUS™: Mini Fat Pad + MegaMAXL & 6:1 Lengthening Procedure

$ 12,700
  • One inch length improvement, guaranteed
  • Improves penetration depth from reduced fat pad
  • Penis appears even longer following the PLUS

LifeSize™: Penile Lengthening for Overweight Men

$ 13,800-16,900
  • Rejuvall provides six customized penile lengthening solutions in its LifeSize section
  • Obese patients can lose measurable length without addressing the added weight as a part of their penile lengthening
  • Rejuvall LifeSize procedures are all out-patient: no prohibitively expensive hospital stayovers

“Overview”: Rejuvall Length Content Pages

Ask yourself

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL 6:1 Penile Lengthening Technology

  • Are you “OK” with your existing penile length but forever wished it was longer?

  • Has your penis gotten shorter with age, or shrunk from a medical diagnosis?

  • Has your size affected intimate relationships?

  • Has your size ever caused reduced self-confidence?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, you’re not alone. Studies show 57% of men would prefer having a longer unit for reasons listed above and many more.

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL 6:1™ penile lengthening procedure is the only technology that guarantees to add at least one new inch to your penis.

Tired of hearing doctors describe your potential for improved penile length cased as: “patients have observed” or “some patients reported”?

Tired of empty promises about improved penile length?

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL 6:1™ penile lengthening procedure is the most advanced on the planet and available exclusively at Rejuvall. Rejuvall provides a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to provide at least one new inch of added penile length to your flaccid penis with our MegaMAXL 6:1 procedure.

If a doctor speculates “you’ll probably get an inch or two”, ask the only question that matters.

“How much increased length is guaranteed?”

Ligament Cuts don't add penile lengthmmedical illustration

Cutting of suspensory ligaments does not add penile length

If you’ve investigated penile lengthening, you’ve probably heard about “cutting the suspensory and fundiform ligaments” to increase the length of your penis.

The urologic rationale behind this procedure is two-fold.

Some men are born with inordinately tight ligament structures. Thus, when these tendons are surgically released there’s an immediate, noticeable increase in penile length. Unfortunately, less than five percent of men suffer from overly taut ligaments.

Thus, an immediate lasting difference from simply releasing the suspensory ligaments is rare. In fact, some men lose penile length from retraction triggered by the scar tissue that forms after the incision begins to heal.

For everyone else, a separation of the cords at the base of the penis makes it possible to add penile length through a post-surgical penile stretching regimen. However, if the deep ligaments were not also excised? That probability hovers around “zero”.

Attempts to vigorously stretch a penis with deep ligaments still attached almost always fails and can also trigger penile organ injury and even Peyronie’s disease from using too much weight and regimens that are overly aggressive.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you receive.

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL™ 6:1 penile lengthening technology delivers the value.

Six Procedures in One: Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL6 to 1 ultimate penile lengthening technology includes six unique surgical procedures within a separate operation, compared to the singular method of suspensory ligaments release you’ll find elsewhere.

Length Guarantee: Rejuvall guarantees at least one inch of added flaccid penile length. Be sure to ask how much others guarantee.

Nothing temporary or artificial: There’s no degradable fat tissue spacer, no synthetic materials to cause infection or scarring and never anything silicone; Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL is 100% natural, safe and lasting. 

We deliver twice the penile length of competing versions

Are Rejuvall procedures


Are Rejuvall lengthening procedures FDA-cleared?

FDA-clearance or approval is required anytime something artificial is being inserted into the body or being used to treat a human being. Of course, 94% of the procedures at Rejuvall are all natural and thus don’t require any form of FDA clearance or approval.

All enhancements provided at Rejuvall that include man-made agents like Juvéderm Voluma and Bellafill are FDA-approved for injection.

Your safety is always our number one priority.

Procedure Details: MegaMAXL 6:1

Increasing penile length is the most common request for male enhancement, probably because the pop-culture response to: “How big are you?” is defined by the length of your penis. A MegaMAXL 6:1 lengthening procedure provides the biggest improvement to penile length on the planet.

To appreciate all we do to ensure length improvement with our MegaMAXL™ 6:1, it’s helpful to first become familiar with some basic anatomy.

  1. The pelvic bone
  2. The fundiform ligaments
  3. The suspensory ligaments
  4. The deep ligaments
  5. The penis organ
  6. The pelvic bone: Regarding penile lengthening, the pelvic bone serves as an anchor source for both the suspensory ligaments and deep ligaments to attach.
  7. The fundiform ligaments: the fundiform ligaments are located just in front of the suspensory ligaments and are designed as a sling to help support side-to-side penile movement.
  8. The suspensory ligaments: No two men have the same size and number of suspensory ligaments. Likewise, the tautness varies from one guy to the next. They were designed to withstand a great deal of violence during sex as that was common during intercourse thousands of years earlier in our evolution. They are akin to the surface roots of a tree.
  9. The deep ligaments: The deep ligaments are also medically known as suspensory ligaments, but they are tethered from the underside of the pelvic bone. The deep ligaments are akin to the tap root of a tree. 
  10. The penis organ: The penis organ includes a pair of thick sponges known as the corpora cavernosa which becomes engorged with blood during an erection, the urethra is on the underside where we urinate and procreate, and there’s a sheath connecting everything known as the tunica albuginea

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL™6:1 – Six Unique Procedures in a Single Operation

1. Comprehensive ligation of the fundiform and superficial suspensory ligaments at the base of the penis. Rejuvall’s surgical lengthening technology employs a temperature-controlled cold ligation technique, including both the superficial and deep ligaments, using FDA-Cleared surgical instrumentation.

After this step is where most surgeon’s performing penile lengthening stop. Sadly, the likelihood you’ll achieve a measurable improvement in your penile length from severing the fundiform and superficial suspensory ligaments is almost “zero”. In fact, there’s an even better chance you’ll end up losing penis length after interior scar tissue forms during healing activity at the base of your and contracts nearby tissue and penile length during that process.

2. Dissection and removal of the deep ligaments within the lower abdomen. The deep ligaments are also called suspensory ligaments but they’re much deeper than the superficial version. The inability to access and incise the deep ligaments is why the “scarless” lengthening procedures performed through the scrotum are a complete waste of time. If you don’t cut the deep ligaments, there’s really no use in cutting the top ones either. The purpose behind releasing the ligaments is so you can safely and effectively stretch the penis organ after you’ve healed.

At this juncture, we still haven’t yet added any measurable penile length unless you’re part of the rare 3% of men with inordinately tight ligaments.

Rather, we’ve now surgically situated your insides where you will be able to add length from stretching following the healing process. While the ligaments are still attached, its nearly impossible to safely stretch and add measurable penile length.   

3. Penile RepoZitioning – Following comprehensive ligament ligation, we perform a proprietary technique of both pulling up the pelvic tissue and pulling out a portion of your penis organ that’s normally confined within the body.

If you reach down and feel your organ within your scrotum, you’ll discover an amount of penile length that goes “straight backwards” (beyond that point the penis starts a downward path underneath your scrotum sac and continues within the body where it’s finally tethered to your inner pelvic bone.

The part of your penis that goes straight-back is what we can ring outward to increase your immediate penile length. Every guy is different in terms of exactly how much length is available to bring forward from this procedure but almost every guy (except certain cases with micro penis) has at least one inch we can bring forward with Rejuvall RepoZitioning™.

4. Length Lock: After we’ve brought some of your penis organ that was previously on the inside outward, we need to make sure it will stay in that new place. Some doctors have implanted a silicone spacer which is prone to create scar tissue and infection. Others employ transplanted fat to the area that reabsorbs into the body within a month or two (and your new length goes with it). Our surgeon developed a technique we call “length lock” where we install a completely organic combination of your own tissue to retain the new length safely and permanently.

Born from our doctor’s early years innovating new surgical techniques for hypospadias, we invented an all-natural, life-lasting, non-fat organic tissue barrier to retain the new length. Without it, the repositioned length won’t stay in place as the body seeks to return to its natural position.

Importantly, the Rejuvall Length Lock technology is life lasting. It won’t degrade in a couple of months like a fat tissue spacer placed to help extend the penis and it will never cause infections or create scar tissue like silicone implant spacers. Length Lock is the technological pillar behind our game changing “One Inch Length Guarantee”.

5. Customized Mons Pubis “Restructure”: We reinforce the area beneath the skin where the fungiform ligament was excised at the mons pubis to help offset the looseness some men find distracting following a ligament release. Restructuring of the mons pubis tissue fabric to enhance structural support of the post-operative penis creates a superior outcome. This innovation keeps our subsequent change in penile erect angle to a minimum compared to others, usually only a 10–15-degree change in erect angle. For the record, there’s no such thing as a penis that “points downward” following a ligament release. That’s an urban legend started by physicians that don’t perform surgical enlargement procedures.

6. Three-Step Penile Stretching Protocol: Our three-part stretching regimen is the gold standard for penile lengthening. The first step in our penile stretching system assists with healing and ensures the ligament doesn’t reattach. While reattachment of a ligament is clinically “possible”, we’ve never had one occur after 2,000 penile lengthening procedures. We ensure that success with Step One of our stretch regimens.

The Second phase is designed to inhibit the mild amount of inner scar tissue that forms following all the excisions to not trigger retraction of the increased penile length. It requires 30-60 days of daily effort on the part of each patient.

The final third step requires dedication and focus as patient’s stretch the inner corpora which is no longer tethered by the suspensory and deep ligaments, into a longer and more fun penile size. All devices and instructions associated with stretching are included in the procedure price.

MegaMAXL6:1 Procedure & Recovery Highlights

  • The MegaMAXL6:1 is an outpatient surgical procedure lasting about two hours.
  • The MegaMAXL6:1 procedure requires the use of a mild anesthesia consisting of a combination of an Epidural and IV Sedation
  • The MegaMAXL6:1 procedure result in a mild change in the degree of upward angle with an erect penis. If you were standing up straight and had a full penile engorgement, the erect angle would drop downward between 5-20 degrees, depending upon your present angle pointing upward when erect. In most cases men are situated on bedding when erect which makes this change irrelevant.
  • The MegaMAXL6:1 requires that the surgeon work in an area up to two inches deep within the midsection for penile repositioning. Most men miss four days of work following this procedure and can’t lift anything over ten pounds for about three weeks post-surgery.
  • The MegaMAXL6:1 results in a scar of approximately two inches running straight upward from the base of the penis. Uniquely, the resulting scar is almost identical in location and length to the residual scar left behind following a hernia operation. The scar eventually heals to a hairline width and can usually be covered by pubic hair.
  • MegaMAXL6:1 patients are required to stay at least 48 hours (two nights) at a nearby hotel before driving or flying out of state/country. Patients cannot come back and add more length later. The MegaMAXL procedure provides the most possible penile length the human body can medically and safely provide.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The Rejuvall MegaMAXL 6:1 is a surgical procedure, so it requires all the typical clearances required of any such procedure, particularly with patients with any known heart issues or surgical contras.

If you are diabetic, you need to have an A1C of “7” or below because of limitations an elevated A1C can trigger with healing. Likewise, the smoking of cigarettes will also disrupt healing and cause significant issues with scaring. If you have smoked, you’ll need to have totally quit for at least 30 days before a penile lengthening procedure and 90 days after your operation.

Patients up to the age of 70 are candidates for our MegaMAXL 6:1 length procedure but outcomes for patients over the age of 62 are not as robust as with younger males. We are unable to guarantee at least one inch of new length if you’re over 62.

Finally, patients must:

  1. Must stay two nights at nearby hotel post-procedure
  2. Must be willing to perform specified aftercare for at least four months
  3. Must be willing to abstain from sexual activity for at least thirty days

Must be comfortable having a residual scar above base of penis

More Rejuvall® Penile Lengthening Procedures



PermMaxL: All-natural length & width at the same time – $11,500

In most instances, compliant patients end up at least one inch longer and thicker and those results are permanent with a PermMAXL. More thickness can be added later, if desired.

Two Procedures in One

Rejuvall’s all-natural length and width PermMAXL procedure is among OUR MOST POPULAR ENLARGEMENTs

The PERMMAXL includes two surgical outcomes performed in congruence designed to provide one inch in permanent all-natural length and one inch in permanent all-natural girth from this singular operation that includes eleven distinct surgical procedures at the same time.

Our surgeon is one of an elite group who did his medical residency in both plastic surgery and urology. He knows as much or more about cosmetic enhancement of the penis than anyone in the world.

Rejuvall’s PermMAXL includes two surgical outcomes performed in congruence 

  1. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that includes the release of all the top and deep suspensory ligaments attached to the base of the organ, repositioning of pa art of the penis that’s on the inside outward + an organic “lock” to hold that length into place, reinforcement of tissue near the base of the penis to reduce looseness often associated with the release of ligaments.
  2. The permanent penile width enhancement includes a fat tissue transplant of optimal adipose fat cells harvested from another part of the patient’s body. The extracted tissue is refined and sculpted through an FDA-cleared filtration system and subsequently sculpted within the subcutaneous layers situated around the penile organ.

Who’s not well suited for a PermMAXL?

  • Men over the age of 62:
  • Patients with an A1C above “7”:
  • Fit or slender guys:
  • Guys seeking the longest, biggest possible penis: Unfortunately, if achieving your maximum possible penile length is your primary objective, doing length and girth at the same time won’t get you there.

PermMAXL Recovery & Aftercare Highlights 

  • PERMMAXL patients are required to stay at least 48 Hours (two nights) at a nearby hotel before driving or flying out of state / country.
  • The PERMMAXL requires a patient to subsequently follow a dedicated penile stretching regimen for six months, post healing in order to insure a good lengthening outcome. Additionally, there’s also a different but less time consuming four-month aftercare regimen associated with achieving optimal results from the fat tissue transplant

The PERMMAXL procedure will leave about a one-inch scar above the penis. Our expert surgical incision eventually heals to a hairline width and is easily covered by pubic hair 

PermMAXL 11-Step Procedure Details - $11,500

MicroMAXL™ 7-Step Micro-Penis Lengthening Procedure - $10,800

A micro-penis or microphallus is a functional penis that’s under two inches when erect. The biggest challenge of Micropenis lengthening is that everything is smaller, including the interior penile aspects.

What is a Micropenis, exactly?

Simple Definition: For a full-term infant, a micropenis or microphallus is a functional penis that is under 2.5 cm at birth. At birth, a penis is around 3.5 cm in length. A micropenis is defined as a penis that is one centimeter or less shorter than the average. The shortened penis size can usually be rectified.

What is the Most Effective Treatment or Correction for a Micropenis?

Surgery is the most effective treatment for micropenis disease. The National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Library of Medicine supports this treatment. Surgery is a potential alternative for effective treatment, according to the Journal of Clinical Research in Pediatric Endocrinology. 2 Surgically enlarging the penis leads in permanent repair and eliminates both sexual and urinary problems.

Many patients come to Rejuvall seeking an augmentation of their natal penis, which they have always regarded tiny. These men desire to gain enough weight to be able to hang down with their spouse and feel secure (s).

There are two basic therapy methods for gaining size:

  • Immediate enlargements (not permanent)
  • Surgical enlargements that are permanent

If you don’t have a micropenis, what are your options?

Some guys have penises that are considered ordinary or greater in size but want to make them even longer or wider. Rejuvall welcomes the opportunity to discuss your alternatives with augmentation.

Correction of the Micropenis

Some men simply have genetics that result in a smaller penis than the usual. We’ll talk about the greatest ways to improve penises that are abnormally small at birth and stay that way into maturity. What are micro penises and micro penile dysfunction, exactly? The solutions can be found at Rejuvall.

What is Micro Penile Dysfunction?

“What exactly is micro penile disorder?” many of our patients inquire. “What can I do if I think I have this disorder?” is the next question. In some situations, an adult male’s erect penis measures 2.75 inches or less, suggesting a micropenis. Abnormal testicular development is a common cause of this disease. In many cases, the penis did not grow as long as it should have during the first trimester of fetal development. In men with this illness, testosterone levels are frequently low.

Typical Male Health Problems

Micro penile disorder is a term used to describe this condition. The most evident issue is the potential difficulty in engaging in sexual activity. Urination and fertility are two more prevalent issues. Because of these factors, doctors refer to the illness as micro penile dysfunction or micro penile syndrome. According to studies, less than 1% of all American men are born with this illness. 1 Men with micro penile syndrome seek therapy frequently and are relieved to learn that the issue can be completely rectified.

Micro Penile Rejuvenation Surgery

What may be done to increase the size of a micropenis? The greatest corrective option is one that produces long-term growth and may be done as an outpatient procedure.

Our groundbreaking Micro-MAXL penile lengthening procedure includes all the steps involved with our traditional MegaMAXL plus an additional procedure where the inner penis organ base tissue is gently stippled with a scalpel to achieve additional stretch during the lengthening procedure. It takes more time than a traditional penile lengthening procedure but adds the most possible increase available for a man dealing with a Micropenis diagnosis.

To learn more about Micro Penile Surgery, fill out the form below.


\s1 Normal growth and diversity in male genitalia from birth to maturity, Schonfeld WA, Beebe GW. The Journal of Urology, vol. 48, no. 7, pp. 759–777, 1942.
1 Cleveland Clinic is a medical center in Cleveland, Ohio
Micropenis: Medical and Surgical Implications, 2 Aaronson IA. Journal of Urology, vol. 152, no. 4, pp. 4–14, 1994.

Seven-step Micropenis Procedure Details - $10,800

The PLUS: Mini Fat Pad removal with a MegaMAXL penile lengthening procedure $2,900 (when performed with a lengthening procedure)

If a patient has a small suprapubic fat pad hindering visible length and penetration depth, we can usually perform a surgical reduction of the small fat tissue at the same time as a lengthening procedure with relative ease. We call this added procedure a “PLUS”.

Our PLUS procedure includes surgical removal of the fat tissue above the penis and subsequent tightening of the skin. Most often results in more visual length and improved penetration depth.

The PLUS Procedure Details $2,900 (when performed with a lengthening procedure)

LifeSize: Penile Lengthening for men with excess weight

MegaMAXL 6:1 and PermMaxL procedures don’t work on men with too much extra weight. The excess fat causes the added length to retract into the body and thus, become ineffective.

Rejuvall provides six different proprietary versions of penile lengthening under its LifeSize procedure line where we incorporate fat pad reduction and stomach contouring at the same time as a penile lengthening procedure.

LifeSize procedures are often life-changing for patients who get them.

LifeSize Procedure Details

LifeSize procedure details are included under the LifeSize procedure section. (link)

Comparison Chart of Rejuvall’s Penile Lengthening Procedures

Want to compare Rejuvall’s penile lengthening procedures “side by side”?

The following comparison chart highlights key features for each length procedure. LifeSize lengthening procedures are included and compared separately under the LifeSize section.

Penile Length Enhancement Q&A

Unlike penile girth, which only faces limitation on how much you can add in a singular procedure, the length of your penis is governed by the genetic size of your organ. If we were to add length beyond that metric through a longer penile shaft transplant, the additional length would be “floppy” near the glans and unable to penetrate a partner.

In most cases, our MegaMAXL penile lengthening procedure can provide an additional 1-2 inches of penile length. We guarantee at least a one-inch improvement in the flaccid length of a patient’s penis with our MegaMAXL procedure. Rare cases that achieve three new inches were from men who possessed an inordinate amount of extra organ inside their body.

I want to add six inches to my current penile length, how do I do that?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Unlike a female breast (which is a sweat gland) your penis is a human organ, and your genetically predisposed penile organ tissue dimensions are fixed early on. As with other human organs, you’re not able to go to a surgeon and ask to get your “heart made 30% bigger or your kidneys 20% larger.”

If we transplanted a new and bigger penile shaft via donor tissue from your inner thigh that was three inches longer than your penile organ, that extra three inches would hang floppy at the end and be unable to penetrate your partner.

The good news is that you can add nearly unlimited amounts of penile thickness since girth is achieved by adding bulk to the tissue layers that surround the penile organ. The limitation with penile width is in how much you can add at one time.

You can safely add about one inch of girth at a time. Alas, we don’t recommend that you keep adding width beyond a certain point it can make the penis appear disfigured as the proportions to the glans *head of the penis) and the penis length become distorted.

Does the Rejuvall PermMAXL length and width procedure guarantee at least one-inch of length increase?

No, it’s not.

We discussed in the penile girth section regarding how increasing girth often shortens a penis. Thus, some of the length added during a PermMAXL gets lost from increased thickness.

We usually end up with one of added length and one inch more thickness however we can’t guarantee the one-inch length increase. This is particularly true with PermMAXL’s where the increased thickness ends up exceeding one inch.

I heard about a scarless lengthening procedure where the ligaments are cut by going through the scrotum, do you offer that pathway?

No, we’ve tried it and don’t believe that procedure is effective adding any length. If you cut ligaments going through the scrotum you can only access parts of the suspensory ligaments. You can’t even guarantee you can remove all of those when accessing through the scrotum. If you don’t release all the ligaments (fungiform suspensory and deep ligaments), you don’t realize the benefit behind this aspect of penile lengthening, being able to effectively stretch the corpora organ after surgery.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to add real penile length and not end up with a residual scar. For what it’s worth, the residual scar is basically identical to the one left behind after a hernia operation. Lots of men explain away the scar in that manner.

If you’re looking at this pathway, you might want to ask how much length they guarantee from the procedure.

I lost length following the installation of a prosthetic penile implant. Can you make me longer?

Interacting with patients who lost penis length following installation of a prosthetic penile implant is one of the most emotionally challenging tasks we perform.

Sometimes, the loss of length is a function of his urologist failing to inform the patient before the procedure that they will almost always lose one half to one inch in length prior to the procedure. Attempts at not losing penile length following a prosthetic implant years ago resulted in infection rates and cases with scar tissue of over 25%. It simply can’t be safely performed.

In other instances, we encounter patients who lost 2-3 inches of penile length. In most cases our due diligence revealed that the surgical installation became complicated, and the urologic surgeon only performed what was required vs. investing additional time to help maintain the patient’s length.

Healthcare is going through a challenging time in regard to reimbursement and allowable time for every procedure. In some cases, a more skilled and patient urologic surgeon can replace the implant and get back much of the lost length for the patient. In other instances, the previous penis length is lost forever.

When the prosthetic is installed, it’s matched to the penile length achieved following surgery. If we attempt to add penile length after the fact, the increased length will hang floppy at the end of the penis and be unsuitable for penetration.

Thus, we can’t add more penile length to a prosthetic implant for ED. We can only add thickness and more glans rigidity.

I’m looking at another doctor to perform a ligament release for penile lengthening that’s lower priced than your procedure. Why should I spend more for the Rejuvall MegaMAXL6:1 length procedure?

We don’t believe other penile lengthening procedures add penile length. In fact, we encounter cases where men lost penile length. We perform six unique surgical procedures in every one of our MegaMAXL 6:1 penile lengthening procedures. Most cheaper versions stop after our first step.

Nobody else on the planet offers our version of penile lengthening. That’s why we guarantee at least one inch in additional length. We’re performing six procedures to their one. That takes a little more time and costs more.

Based upon our experience, the release of the fungiform and suspensory ligaments performed by most surgeons touting increased penile length adds “zero” increase. We suggest if they’re telling you they’ll get you one inch or likely two that you ask them to guarantee at least a half inch.

If they won’t do that, you might want to reexamine the definition of value.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

I had a ligament release performed by another surgeon years ago and lost penile length. According to the doctor the “ligaments reattached”. Can you still get me added length?

Claiming ligaments reattached is a standard “out” for many enhancement surgeons as to why their patient failed to achieve penile length since the patient can’t prove that didn’t happen. As discussed earlier, we don’t feel cutting the suspensory ligaments ever adds lasting penile length improvement.

When a patients had a prior enhancement procedure, we’ll need you to come into our office for a first-hand examination before we can accurately attest to what we can achieve.

We will need to examine you in office to determine what we can do to improve your case. We are almost never able to add penile length for a patient with a prior procedure like we can for a patient whose never had a procedure. Often, we encounter significant scar tissue from a poorly executed surgery. That makes length improvement more challenging.

Are there cases where a MegaMAXL 6:1 penile lengthening does not guarantee a one-inch length increase?

Yes, there are select cases where we can’t guarantee a one-inch increase in flaccid penile length with our MegaMAXL 6:1 procedure.

Patients Getting a Rejuvall PermMAXL procedure. Rejuvall’s PermMAXL is one of our most popular procedures because it adds all-natural penile length and thickness into a singular operation. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a one-inch length improvement with this procedure due to the congruent complexities. We usually achieve at least an inch increase, but that’s not guaranteed.

Patients who have had a previous penile lengthening procedure. We never really know exactly what we’re getting into in these situations. Even when a patient describes what happened in the past, it doesn’t always match what we discover on the inside. 

Micro-penis patients. Micro-penis is sometimes confused with a reduction of penile size as a result of weight gain or vascular/ED issues. In micropenis, everything is smaller (both inside and out), so we have a lot less organ tissue to work with straight away. Rejuvall can most commonly get an extra inch of length from a micropenis, but we can’t guarantee that outcome. 

Patients with Peyronie’s disease. This procedure does not resolve lost solve or curvature Patients owing to fibrosis and scar tissue in the soft tissues of the penis.  After non-surgical plaque removal, we’ve had success enhancing length, but each case must be examined individually. 

Patients have congenital penile defects such hypospadias or congenital curvature (chordee).  Although hypospadias procedures inspired the basis for our lengthening technology there’s only so much we can do in such cases. Some hypospadias cases are not suited for Rejuvall’s out-patient facility and must be performed in a hospital setting. 

Patients who have had a penile prosthesis implanted in the past to address severe erectile dysfunction. There’s nothing Rejuvall can do to improve length if the implant is still in place. However, we can sometimes increase length after a prostheses is removed and before a new implant is implanted. 

Patients who have had a silicone implant augmentation in the past. In these circumstances, our main goal is usually to try and get the patient’s length back to where it was before the implant was inserted and removed. 

Overweight patients with an engorged fat pad. Patients who are obese and have an engorged fat pad should consider one of our unique LifeSize treatments, which combine surgical reduction of the suprapubic fat pad, lower stomach reduction and contouring, and a lengthening surgery. If we only perform length on these patients without fat pad reduction and contouring, the length locking technology that maintains the new length in place does not work. 

Patients over the age of 62.  The majority of men are aware that as they age, their penis diminishes. After the age of 60, the pliability of the sponge-like quality of the corpora begins to diminish, regardless of physical health. While Rejuvall has been able to add more than an inch of length to men as old as 80 years old, we’ve also faced difficulty adding an inch to the length of men as young as 60 years old. Based on all of these experiences, we’ve drawn a line at 62 years old on our guaranteed length.

I read that my penis will point straight downward when erect after a ligament release. That’s not appealing to me! What assurances can you offer this won’t happen to my penis?

If you offered us $10 million to perform a procedure that would cause your penis to point straight downward when erect, we couldn’t deliver that service. It’s medically impossible. “Pointing straight down” is an urban legend invented by cosmetic physicians who aren’t board certified surgeons and thus can’t perform penile lengthening procedures.

Our MegaMAXL6:1 procedure includes a final step to reinforce the tissue at the base of the penis to reduce the mild change in erect angle and reduce issues with “looseness” associated with a ligament release as a part of penile lengthening.

I had a penile lengthening procedure performed elsewhere. I initially had measurable length improvement but lost it all over time. Can you get the increased length back?

It sounds like your surgeon transplanted some fat tissue to help shore up the added length. Fat tissue transplanted in this area of the penis degrades and dies within between 90-120 days after the procedure.

If your reduction wasn’t triggered by excessive scar tissue from a poorly executed procedure, we can get you longer. We need you to come into our office for a hands-on examination before scheduling your procedure.

How much length can I add to my micropenis? Is that length increase guaranteed?

In cases of true Micropenis, everything on the inside is also smaller: the tendon’s the interior penis organ, etc. This is one reason we also perform a stippling of the supporting structure so there’s more penis organ that

We cannot guarantee any specific length outcomes for Micropenis but believe we provide the biggest increase anyone can or will receive any place in the world.

I’m looking at a lengthening procedure where they add a silicone spacer to help ensure I maintain increased length. Do you offer such a version of penile lengthening?

There is nothing good about anything that’s “silicone” when it comes to penis enlargement. That’s why we guarantee all our procedures are 100% silicone free. If you see the word “silicone” in any procedure you’re considering, we strongly suggest you evaluate extra carefully. We operate the busiest penis “enlargement repair” center in the US since our surgeon is a preeminent reconstructive urologic surgeon in the US. A large percentage of these repairs include silicone in one facet or another.

We don’t believe in silicone for male enhancement in any form. Not with an FDA-approved injectable version for girth which always becomes “permanently” uneven over time. Not with the silicone prosthesis designed to increase penile size. And most certainly not with a spacer left inside your body.

The penis is a vascular human organ, unlike a female breast which is a sweat gland. Additionally, it has a rigorous lifestyle between masturbation and sexual activity. Anything left inside given the nature of penile activity is very likely to end up creating scar tissue and causing infection over time.

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