How we Enlarge a Penis Using Live Tissue

Anytime a new breakthrough procedure is discovered in healthcare, physicians and practitioners want to use it to best serve their patients and reap the benefits of the revised protocol. What is most important in this process is testing and adjusting the process to yield the best results with the least complications.

fat added to penis for enlargements

Rejuvall surgeons learned the best methods for successful permanent results after performing the procedure on men with different physicality types over a period of years. They learned that fat grafting, which was used in the early stages of the penoplasty evolution, did not hold up well. In fact, there were complications that resulted in an inferior cosmetic result and some with instances of the body absorbing the fat and reducing the penile size.
Cosmetically, the grafting left lumping unnatural appearance over time.The complications from fat grafting are substantiated in the NCBI research documentation published by the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Morganstern found a way to harvest his male patients’ own tissue and successfully incorporate it to enlarge the penis. This method did not result in reabsorption and reported a superior cosmetic result without the  settling associated with grafting. His method has been highly effective in helping men achieve lasting augmentation.

Augmentation Process

image fat tissue for penile enlargement.Rejuvall surgeons discovered a way to use a man’s own fatty tissue as a large part of the size generator which the body accepts. The cosmetic results are superior. The complications associated with the grafting procedure are no longer an issue. Penile support is built into the procedure as is stabilization. The tissue is literally reconstructed to prepare it for attachment to the penis and be a permanent part of your body. The process is designed to carefully prepare the tissue to become a natural part of the penile area of the body resulting in permanent enhancement.

penis implant after photos


Penile Erect Lengthening

Patients often ask about the average size increase resulting from surgery. Many factors determine the size gained. Our team will be able to give you a good range once you come in for your consultation. The more fatty tissue you have available within your erectile tissue, the better. A second significant factor in determining the potential increase is the measurement of the penile organ. The longer the measurement the larger the potential increase.

surgeon diagram penis elongation

Common Questions and Answers About Our Penis Surgery

How long does it take my penis to heal after surgery?  The puncture spot and post-procedure swelling should decrease in approximately five days. After approximately two months, you may experience an additional increase in width due to increased blood flow to the added body fat.
I read about implants fat lumping into unsightly appearance. Does yours do that?
No, with our exclusive method, the cosmetic results are an enlarged penis that is smooth and permanent.
Are there issues with reabsorption of the fat implant and thus I eventually lose my increased size?
The size reduction issue is resolved with our protocol as long as patients adhere to the before and after surgery procedures. Ask our compassionate patient representatives for more details and information about reabsorption.
How much time should I schedule off work to have the penis enlargement procedure?
Recovery time varies. Generally, patients experience recovery within a few days. If you are traveling to Atlanta from out of town, please arrive one day early for physical exam. You will stay in Atlanta overnight, and be seen for a follow-up exam the day after the procedure. Any travel costs are additional and not included within the surgery expense.
How long do I have to wait to have sex again?
The wait time for sexual intercourse depends upon how your body heals. Most patients resume sexual activity within 2 weeks.