Rejuvall Penile Lengthening Procedures Pricing

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The MegaMAXL™

1” Penile Length Increase Guaranteed[1]

Maximum Penile Lengthening

Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL 6:1™ is our game changing penile lengthening procedure. It starts with a release of all the suspensory ligaments and fungiform ligaments at the base of the penis (where others stop and proclaim added length), next we release all of the deep ligaments, followed by penile repositioning where we bring out as much length as you have on the inside that’s directly available, we then add our proprietary “length lock” life-listing all organic barrier to hold your longer length into place, we wrap everything up with surgical reinforcement of the skin beneath the base of your penis to help reduce the side effect of “looseness” from the ligaments release.

Guaranteed to add at least 1” of flaccid penile length[2]. More can be added by patients that follow our prescribed stretching protocol**

• Surgical
• Permanent

Unfortunately there are a small number of cases where we can’t guarantee one inch of added penile length, including:

Men over the age of 62

We’re unable to guarantee any specified length increase for men 62 and older. Regardless of good health, the body heals differently after a certain age which hinders recovery from cosmetic procedures. We’ve had men over 70 get more than one inch but results are too inconsistent to guarantee.

Men who had a previous lengthening procedure.

Patients who’ve had a penile lengthening procedure in the past usually don’t get the same outcomes as men who haven’t been cut on before. We often we encounter significant scar tissue which significantly hinders our penile repositioning technique. Patients with a previous penile lengthening procedure are usually charge $1,000 extra because of the unknowns we’ll face during their operation

Patients with Micropenis

Men with a diagnosis of Micropenis vary in terms of the amount of penis length we achieve. While we most commonly add at least one inch on such patients, some end up with less than that. An in-office consultation with our surgeon before scheduling your procedure helps us determine the likelihood of your success.

Price: $9,800 Six procedures in one operation

[1] Erect length increases are typically about half this amount and is dependent upon patient compliance with stretching following ligaments release
[2] Average MEGA MAXL™ increase after surgery plus 6 months of compliant stretching is 1.7”

permanent surgical elongate

The PermMaxL™

Rejuvall’s all-natural penile length & width increased at the same time

Life Lasting Penile Length & Thickness

Rejuvall’s PERM MAXL™ includes a full release of suspensory and fungiform ligaments plus the deep ligaments beneath the penis and penile repositioning. Also includes Rejuvall’s FDA-cleared Affirmall fat tissue transplant technology for life-lasting girth. Doesn’t achieve the same degree of length as our MegaMAXL procedure because we perform the girth procedure at the same time but it’s one of our most popular procedures because of the combined outcome and value proposition.

PERMMAXL Reminders:

  • Patient must be a non-smoker
  • Patient must have adequate number of healthy adipose fat cells to for transplant
  • If diabetic, patient must have an A1C of seven or below
  • Patient must be under the age of 63 (human adipose cells begin to degrade at 62)

Typically adds 1” length and 1” girth: 1” length is not guaranteed with PERMMAXL

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price:  $11,500 All-natural length and width at the same time

micro penile length increase

The MicroMaxL™

The Rejuvall Micro Penis Solution

Micro Penis Customized MAX Lengthening Procedure

Micro penis is a debilitating diagnosis. Our customized approach includes a penile repositioning procedure to bring out as much length that’s available within the body outward for improved visible length plus full release of all ligaments to aid in stretching plus reinforcement at the base of the penis to help reduce the effect of “looseness” from the ligaments release.

The MicroMAXL takes longer than our traditional penile lengthening procedure for two reasons. First, everything is smaller on the inside and the procedure is more tedious. Second, we needle perforate the tissue at the base of the penis so it can be safely stretched to add more length.

Results are dependent upon available organ tissue with each case. Our retrospective average length increase in cases of micro penis is 1.4”. However, our 1” length guarantee is not applicable with micropenis cases.

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price:  $10,800 Game changer for men with a micro-penis diagnosis

The Rejuvall PLUS™ Add-On

Our PLUS procedure allows you to “Add-On” surgical removal of a small fat pad and skin tightening with any of our lengthening procedures.

Mini Fat Pad removal with MEGAMAXL, PERM MAXL or MICROMAXL.

Brings penis “out from fat – typically results in added visible length and improved penetration depth

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $2,900 when performed with a lengthening procedure

effective male lengthening

The “Mini” LipO Add-On

Liposuction of an engorged fat pad above the penis without skin tightening

Younger guys with tighter abdominal flesh who don’t want to endure the extended recovery of a monsplasty and have a fat pad that’s too engorged for a surgical mini-fat pad (PLUS procedure) are sometimes a good candidate for a Mini liposuction in concert with another enlargement procedure.

Liposuction of the supra pubic fat pad is far less effective for penile enhancement because the remaining loose skin can make the penis look worse and smaller than before without surgical skin tightening. However, its sometimes well suited for younger males.

Reduces fat pad above base of penisImproves visual length and penetration depth of penis.

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $2,900 when performed with lengthening procedure

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