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Penis enlargement for men who lost penile size from weight gain

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Ask Yourself…

Does your penis get longer if you press down upon the base?

Have you lost confidence removing your clothes?

Has your penis shrunk since gaining extra weight?

Do you feel an urge to hurry and cover your lower waist with a towel upon existing the shower?

Are you uneasy about revealing your manhood to someone new in your life?

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PLUS-SIZED MEN SUFFER FROM REDUCED PENIS SIZE because engorged fat tissue deep in the lower stomach applies pressure at the base where in the penis organ begins near the anus which causes penile length contraction. Additionally, varied levels of blubbery tissue above the supra pubic fat pad cause the penis to become partially or fully “hidden” when flaccid and during erection. Additionally, this “extra padding” hinders the ability to achieve quality vaginal penetration depth during intimacy.
The result?
A less pleasurable and reduced self-confidence and self-image when removing one’s clothes in front of another.

decreased penis size after weight gain

We can now fix that and change your life with one of our breakthrough LifeSize™ enhancement procedures.
LifeSize™ procedures are customized for each patient’s case. Each enhancement includes select body contouring combined in with penile enlargement. In most cases, such contouring can be performed congruently with penis enlargement.
In other cases, those procedures must be performed separately. Our most severe cases are referred for hospital care because they require more extensive expertise and recovery than we are set up for at our affordable out-patient facilities.

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Rejuvall: The experts with LifeSize™ Enhancement Cases

American men are getting bigger, taller, and thicker than ever before. Unfortunately, much of that size increase causes a negative side effect: their penis gets smaller. 
Our world-renowned penile enlargement surgical specialist is one of the only recognized “penile plastic trauma surgeons” in the United States.
What’s required to achieve such a special designation? Complete a medical residency in urology. Complete a medical in plastic surgery. Perform fellowships under the leading penile trauma surgeon in the world.
If you suffered the severe misfortune of having your penis cut-off from disease or trauma? You would learn his name quickly.
Given his extraordinary surgical skill set, he developed a sideline expertise performing surgical restoration on morbidly obese men. We’re talking about guys who are 700 to1,000 lbs.  
From this unique experience he invented a whole new set of outpatient procedures for men suffering reduced penis size as a byproduct gaining excess weight.
Hence, the birth of our Rejuvall’s LifeSize™ penile enlargement solutions.

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Lost Penis Size from Weight Gain

Every guy whose packing extra pounds becomes acutely aware of its worst side effect: his penis bishop diminished. Implications from added weight in the lower stomach and supra pubic fat pad creates problems for every man.
Your penis organ doesn’t actually “shrink” from weight gain. Rather, pressure from extra fat tissue at the base of the organ near where it starts deep inside the body next to the anus pulls it inward. Additionally, increases in the suprapubic fat pad just above the penis cause the penis to become less and less visible.  

smaller penis size after weight gain

Physiological analysis of lost penis length from weight gain
What you’re able to see of your penis organ looking down upon it is the portion that comes out from under your pelvic bone. There’s more of it inside your body that you can trace with your fingers starting within the scrotum. If you reach down with your fingers and explore your organ from the underside within the scrotum, you’ll be able to track that it goes straight backwards for about an inch, then it begins a downward path to where it begins near your anus.
The area of your penis organ closest to the anus splits horizontally on both sides and anchors itself to your lower pelvic bone. The fact it’s anchored to this bone is the key reason your penis can lose length from excess weight.
As increased amounts of fat accumulate in the stomach area, the excesses in the lower body area begin to apply pressure to the base of where the penis is tethered to the pelvic bone. This pressure from overcrowding causes the base of your inner penis to retract in response, thereby reducing your penile length.

diagram penis shrinkage post weight gain

Buried Penis Shrinkage

The other source of lost penile size from weight gain comes from increasing size of the suprapubic fat pad that’s located atop the pelvic bone at the base where the penis becomes visible.
Some men are genetically predisposed to have a larger than normal suprapubic fat pad. They suffer its negative side effects even without extra weight gain: reduced visible image, limited penetration depth, etc.
As the suprapubic pad becomes engorged, the blubbery fat tissue begins to envelop the base of the penis resulting in less visibility of the penis and reduced penetration length. In more severe cases, the penis organ becomes completely enveloped by the enlarged fat pad and hinders the release of urination resulting in irritation and infection of the surrounding skin and penile tissue. This final condition is known as “trapped penis”.
Unfortunately, things can get worse. If portions of your penis remain enveloped by the suprapubic fat pad for several years, the body will begin to reabsorb the skin along the shaft of the penis and never returns. Thus, even if significant weight is lost through gastric bypass or similar procedures, the penis is unable to return to its natural length without major surgery.
Such a reconstructive operation includes degloving the original penile shaft, harvesting a new donor shaft (usually with skin grafts from within the inner thigh), and transplanting the donor shaft to the organ. Additionally, there are usually various cosmetic enhancements involved such as liposuction, skin tightening and repositioning of the belly button. Full penile reconstruction usually involves at least a one week stay in the hospital plus numerous follow up visits.   
Sadly, this procedure is ridiculously expensive. Having health insurance helps since the inability to urinate in a healthy manner falls within most policies. However, most patients with insurance face “out of pocket” expenses of over $70,000 from start to finish.
Rejuvall’s out-patient LifeSize™ out-patient penile enhancement procedures are designed with affordability for all in mind.
Unless you’ve already lost a good portion of your penile shaft skin from reabsorption, we can usually develop provide an affordable pathway to get you back in the game with reasonable down time.

buried penis fat pad tissue diagram
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