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Non-Surgical Pricing

RejuvallLite™ Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Solutions

No Scalpel • No Stiches • No Anesthesia • Just a Bigger You

LOTS OF MEN OPT FOR A NON-SURGICAL ENLARGEMENT because its non-invasive and provides a much faster recovery than surgical opportunities. We offer three variations of non-surgical enhancements including our hyaluronic acid injection version with Juvéderm Voluma brand hyaluronic acid injections, glans enlargements and our breakthrough, FDA-cleared, all natural and long-lasting non-surgical fat tissue transplants.

The biggest downside of a non-surgical enhancement is that increased penile length only occurs from the added weight of the bulking material and limitations on the amount of size increase that be achieved in a singular procedure.

girth enlargement solution

Rejuvall’s Girth Optimizing Circumcision

Foreskin removal and thickness optimization

Our GirthCirc™ Circumcision includes expertly removing penile foreskin in a manner that adds an extra ¼ inch of thickness to your subsequent penile girth enhancement.

All patients receiving a girth enlargement at Rejuvall must first be circumcised. We can add length to an uncircumcised penis, but if we add thickness, the foreskin must first be removed. We are aware some doctors will thicken an uncircumcised penis, but as the leading penile trauma surgeon in the US who must repair where many of those cases eventually end up, our doctor requires a circumcision before any girth enhancement.

Reduces infections and allows for an optimized girth enlargement.

• Non-Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $3,900

permanent penile thickness

All natural, FDA-cleared, life lasting, non-surgical fat tissue transplant

The Rejuvall PERMALite™ is our breakthrough non-surgical fat tissue transplant with our patented, FDA-Cleared, Affirmallâ  technology that provides life-lasting, all-natural penile thickness without surgery.

PERMALite™ is most popular among men who prefer all-natural outcomes but don’t want surgery. It’s also popular with men who got a surgical PERM girth procedure and just want it touched up or a little more thickness, but not as much as they would receive with another surgical PERM girth procedure.

PermaLite Reminders

  • Patient must be a non-smoker
  • Patient must have adequate number of healthy adipose fat cells to for transplant
  • If diabetic, patient must have an A1C of seven or below
  • Patient must be under the age of 63 (human adipose cells begin to degrade at 62)

Usually adds about ½ – ¾ inch thickness to shaft per treatment, depending on your present width

• Non-Surgical
• 3 years – Permanent

Price: $6,800

The SemiPERM

Safest, Non-Surgical, FDA Approved Penile Thickening Agent

SemiPerm™ offers the safest and easiest non-surgical solution to a bigger you. Includes FDA-Approved Juvéderm® Voluma brand Hyaluronic Acid as the thickening agent with our proprietary MacroSculpting™ technology: resulting in a more even presentation and fastest recovery. You choose where you want the biggest impact: penile thickness, glans, or scrotum – all in one value!

Adds ½” thickness, depending upon existing size

• Non-Surgical
• Up to Two Years

Price: $7,300 for 10 ML

DermaThick with FDA-Approved Ravanesse® and MacroSculpting

$3,000  5ML
$4,500 10 ML

Rejuvall’s DermaThick TM  non-surgical penis enlargement is one of the most cost-effective, quickest, and safest penile augmentation techniques available in the United States. DermaThick TM  combines FDA-approved Ravanesse® with our cutting-edge MacroSculptingTM  injection technique, which lowers aftercare problems and unevenness while also speeding up the initial usage of your new larger size by 30%.

DermaThick TM is recommended for males who:

  1. Always wanted an augmentation but is afraid of getting one. For years, many men have been on the fence about obtaining a penoplasty. DermaThick TM is an excellent way to “test out” a bigger you in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  2. Uncomfortable with the amount of time spent recovering from more intrusive operations or anesthesia.
  3. Expect quicker results than standard non-surgical penile girth application using a cannula.
  4. Ineligible for all-natural versions due to lifestyle choices like cigarette smoking or a health diagnosis like Type II diabetes with an increased A1C. The only patients who are not ideal candidates for non-surgical girth augmentation are males with a significantly engorged suprapubic fat pad at the base of the penis or a micropenis diagnosis. Increased penile girth frequently exacerbates the effects of a smaller penis in these situations.
  5. If you enjoy it, you can get more, upgrade to Juvéderm Voluma for a longer-lasting hyaluronic acid or consider more permanent treatments like PMMA or a Fat Tissue Transplant.
  6. If you don’t like it, you can have it removed. Ravanesse® hyaluronic acid, which has been approved by the FDA, has a long and successful track record of safety. Injections of the enzyme hyaluronidase can also reverse it.


Rejuvall’s RestYLite™is a rapid and effective non-surgical penile enlargement that has a firmer outer finish than versions of hyaluronic acid. RestYLite™ combines the FDA-approved Restylane® Lift’s history of trouble-free and long-lasting results (typically 18 months) with our cutting-edge MacroSculpting™ injection technology, which reduced aftercare complications and unevenness while also cutting the time it takes to first use your new larger size by 30%.

RestYLite™ is recommended for the following men:

1. Uneasy with the amount of time required for more invasive procedures or those requiring anesthesia.
2. Requires quicker outcomes than non-surgical penile girth application using a cannula.
3. Ineligible for all-natural versions due to lifestyle variables like cigarette smoking or medical disorders like Type II diabetes. The only individuals who are not ideal candidates for non-surgical girth improvements are males with a micropenis diagnosis or with a considerably engorged suprapubic fat pad at the base of the penis. Simply increasing penile girth exacerbates the impact of a partially buried penis in these cases.
4. Patients who say, “I want it, but I’m afraid.” For years, many men have debated obtaining a Penoplasty. RestYLite™ is a great, low-risk pathway to “try out” a bigger you.
5. If you like it, you can apply more to keep or switch to a longer lasting pathway.
6. If you desire a permanent version in the future, you can switch to an all-natural fat tissue transplant.
7. If you totally dislike it, you can have it removed using injections of hyaluronidase.

revision penile thickening procedure


Customized “Add-On” Care with Juvéderm Voluma

JuvaFlow™ is our popular supplemental revision enhancement procedure.

Some men aren’t satisfied with a minor aspect of a thickening procedure, some men also want a bit more size, others want added volume to the glans – others want all of the above. With JuvaFlow™ – you pick where you want more size or adjustment.

Adds penile evenness, thickness and/or larger glans

• Non-Surgical
• Up to Two Years

Price: $4,800

for 5ML of Juvéderm Voluma. Additional @ $495 / ML

non-surgical solution logo


Life-Lasting, Non-Surgical Penile Thickening

BellaThick™ provides a life-lasting non-surgical penile thickening solution with FDA approved BellaFill® injections and LISW therapy. Ideal for men with inadequate bodyfat or health paradigms that don’t make them good candidates for surgical procedures.

We don’t recommend PMMA for men just starting out with a first enlargement since it limits some of your future options if you change your mind on which direction is right for you in the future.

Adds about 1/4 – 1/2” thickness per treatment (depending on present width). About half of the added thickness occurs immediately after the procedure and the rest transpires in the months that follows as the PMMA expands.

• Non-Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $5,600

one kit of 4 ML

rejuvall penile size enhancement

Rejuvall’s Non-Surgical PENILE IMPLANT Enlargement Procedure

Lost penile size following implantation of a penile prosthetic implant is a common complaint. The Rejuvall Penile Implant Enlargement restores thickness and glans rigidity to your prosthetic penile implant. Includes two rounds of five syringes of FDA-approved Bellafill to the penile shaft plus 3ML of hyaluronic acid added for Glans rigidity enhancement.

Typically adds about 1” thickness to penile shaft depending upon your current size. Unfortunately, any lost length following implantation of a prosthetic cannot be restored because the implant is custom sized to its current length.

• Non-Surgical
• Up to Two Years

Price: $11,000

Please note: insurance does not cover costs associated with an implant augmentation. It is considered cosmetic elective surgery and must be paid out of pocket.

All Rejuvall® non-surgical girth procedures leave patients “hanging longer” when flaccid because of the added weight from the girth bulking agent

largest glans penile thickening image

Rejuvall Glans Enlargement

Larger Results, Non-Surgical Glans Enlargement

MEGA GLANS™ is our proprietary glans (head of the penis) enlargement using injections of between 4-6 ML of hyaluronic acid (man-made collagen)

Typically expands head of penis (glans) 25-50% larger than before. Our breakthrough approach allows for 2-3 times the volume of competing versions

• Non-Surgical
• First Treatment: 3-6 months
• Subsequent treatments usually an additional 6 months – 2 years

Price: $3,500 solo Up to 6 ML of Juvéderm Voluma

$2950* when performed along with another procedure

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