Narrowing in on which LifeSize procedure is best suited for you

Which LifeSize procedure is best suited to improve your life?

That’s dependent upon a variety of variables.

Here we provide tips where you can medically evaluate your case and determine your best options for improving your appearance and penile length.

There are a few key determining factors for each LifeSize procedure, including:
·      Size of the suprapubic fat pad
·      Size of the lower stomach
·      Compacted stomach evaluation
·      Amount of visible penile length when completely flaccid
·      Amount of shaft skin visible when fully erect
In the following sections, we’ll walk you through key factors in helping determine how to successfully resolve you case.
Stomach Type
Stomach type is a general indicator of which enhancement procedure would be suited for your case.

We suggest standing sideways in front of a mirror, taking a photo with your phone, and comparing results with the examples shown below.

Flaccid Penile Visibility Evaluation
The amount of visible flaccid penis length significantly impacts which procedure is best suited for your case. You’ll want to identify which of the LifeSize cases discussed in the previous section most resemble your flaccid penis size. Lots of the men we treat are somewhere between these core pillars of our LifeSize lineup. If that’s the case in your evaluation? Don’t worry. We’ll narrow down on the appropriate solution once we visit directly.
In summary:

1.   Reduced Penis = More than 75% of flaccid size is visible
2.   Partial Penis = Between 40%-74% of your flaccid length can be seen
3.   Turtled Penis = Only about an inch of your penis shaft can be seen when non-erect
4.   Buried Penis = Only glans (head) of penis is visible when flaccid
5.   Trapped Penis = No portion of penis is visible when flaccid

Erect Penile Shaft Skin Evaluation
This is perhaps the most important evaluation for a LifeSize procedure. When the penis remains engulfed by an engorged suprapubic fat pad for an extended period, the body begins to reabsorb the penile shaft skin. Translation? Even if we remove the surrounding fat and extend the penis, it can still end up being Micropenis length because of inadequate penile shaft. The solution to this problem is a very extensive and expensive hospital procedure that is outside the realm of our platform.
For us, the most depressing cases in this regard are younger males whose fat pads have been enlarged since puberty and we discover the shaft skin is mostly reabsorbed into the body, leaving only an expensive hospital solution that’s beyond their financial realm.
Since every guy varies genetically regarding his natural penile length, we can’t define what’s needed in inches.
We usually want you to have more than 75% of your pre-weight gain erect penile shaft skin visible.

Excess Stomach Evaluation
There are notably two areas of fat affecting certain LifeSize patients with penis length: the stomach, and the suprapubic fat pad. It’s the suprapubic fat pad that steadily wraps around and “hides” the penis. However, the size of the stomach also affects us being able to provide a successful outpatient procedure.

Compacted Stomach Fat Evaluation
What did your stomach sound like when you smacked it? If your stomach is large and sounded like a drum when you tap on it, it means your fat tissue is heavily compacted around your inner organs. You will need to lose some weight before you can get a LifeSize procedure. We can assist you with success in weight loss and advise on the amount of weight you’ll need to lose through a virtual evaluation of your photos with the surgeon.

Scrotal Fat Migration Evaluation
When we gain excessive weight, fat tissue often migrates into the scrotal sac to a point where we really can’t visually identify our testicles. We can most often still repair such a case outside of the hospital, but it adds another step to your procedure.

Penile Function Evaluation
You’ll want to consider your erection function before scheduling an enhancement. It’s not wise to put a brand-new paint job on a car that doesn’t run. Fortunately, we’re the nation’s premier erectile dysfunction clinic and can resolve those issues directly. You’ll want to resolve performance before getting enhanced.
Health & Lifestyle Evaluation
There’s two key health and lifestyle issues for these procedures and both relate to healing of your body after surgery.
First, you cannot smoke cigarettes. If you are a cigarette smoker, you will have to have completely quit for at least 90 days before your procedure. Second, if you’re diabetic, your A1C must be below 7 to have such extensive surgery. A higher number will hinder your recovery to a problematic level.

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