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The PERM MAXL™: Natural Length and Width at the same time!

Increased Penile Thickness & Length during a singular procedure

Rejuvall’s PERM MAXL™ includes a full release of suspensory and fungiform ligaments plus the deep ligaments beneath the penis and penile repositioning. Also includes Rejuvall’s FDA-cleared Affirmall fat tissue transplant technology for life-lasting girth. Doesn’t usually achieve the same degree of length as our MegaMAXL procedure because we perform the girth procedure at the same time but its one of our most popular procedures because of the excellent value proposition it affords.

Typically adds 1” length and 1” girth*

We discussed in the penile girth section regarding how increasing girth often shortens a penis. Thus, some of the length added during a PermMAXL gets lost from increased thickness.

We usually end up with one of added length and one inch more thickness however we can’t guarantee the one-inch length increase. This is particularly true with PermMAXL’s where the increased thickness ends up exceeding one inch.

PERMMAXL Reminders:

  • Patient must be a non-smoker
  • Patient must have adequate number of healthy adipose fat cells to for transplant
  • If diabetic, patient must have an A1C of seven or below
  • Patient must be under the age of 63 (human adipose cells begin to degrade at 62)

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $11,500 All-natural length and width at the same time

fat-pad reduction pubic area

Rejuvall’s PLUS™ Add On

Got a small fat pad that’s visually hindering the size of your manhood? The Rejuvall PLUS procedure allows you to combine surgical removal of a small fat pad and skin tightening with any surgical girth procedure.

Mini Fat Pad removal with PERMA Thick, MEGA PERM or PERM MAXL

Brings penis “out from fat – typically results in added visible length and improved penetration depth

• Surgical
• Permanent

Price: $2,900 when performed with another procedure

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