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Non-Surgical Pain Management Options for Penile Enlargement Injections

Is this going to hurt?

Non-Surgical Procedure Pain Management at Rejuvall® 

Some men struggle with the pain from non-surgical procedures or seeing the needles required to inject anesthetics that will relieve any pain.

Rejuvall provides two pain treatment paths to ensure that every patient is comfortable.

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Anesthetic Injections with Rejuvall® Non-Surgical Procedures

Do penile injections hurt?

Pain is minimized or eliminated with anesthetic injections.

Rejuvall® employs anesthetic injections to alleviate any pain associated with its many non-surgical enhancement or repair procedures. Some men find this part unpleasant, but the pain only lasts approximately 15 seconds. This phase is essential for ensuring the patient’s comfort during their procedure.

There are two steps in the anesthetic process:

Anesthesia Process for Penile Injections

  • First, an anesthetic gel is applied to the penis.
  • Second, a pressurized anesthetic liquid is injected under the skin to administer a topical anesthetic.

How does it feel to have a penile injection? The patient can anticipate a constricting sensation, similar to that of being struck by an elastic band. Multiple injections of this type will sometimes be administered around the genitalia’s base, depending upon the exact procedure.

Penile Nerve Block

The administration of these anesthetics significantly reduces the pain caused by the penile nerve block, as the patient will not experience the concomitant pinching sensation. The penile nerve block is the last administered anesthetic. Several administrations of a specialized anesthetic are sometimes administered subcutaneously around the base of the penis.

Pro NoxTM Safe and effective pain and anxiety relief for in-office procedures

Pain Relief Options without Needles

For patients who struggle with the mild pain or visualization of the needles used to apply an anesthetic or enhancement, Rejuvall is pleased to provide “medical laughing gas” aka the Pro-NoxTM pain treatment system to our patients at an additional charge. It is a tried-and-true method for relieving anxiety or concern you may experience during your in-office procedure.

We take pleasure in offering our patients the best care available. When used in conjunction with a local anesthetic, Pro-NoxTM can provide our patients with a safer and more comfortable in-office procedure experience. We are all aware that even if a procedure or treatment is not considered overly painful, many patients may suffer from worry and discomfort in any medical setting. Pro-NoxTM is an excellent approach to alleviate anxiety while also putting you in control.

What exactly is Pro-Nox?TM

Pro-NoxTM is a pain management device that allows you to remain awake and comfortable during your medical procedure. It employs nitrous oxide, often known as “laughing gas,” and oxygen, a combination that has long been used in dental and medical settings. While it is not a substitute for full anesthesia, it does complement and improve the effects of non-surgical local anesthetics such as lidocaine.

Is Pro-NoxTMthe same laughing gas that you get at the dentist? 

No. Nitrous oxide concentrations used for dental and orthodontic operations can reach up to 80%, as opposed to the Pro-NoxTM System’s 50/50 blend. Patients who are given a nitrous mask for an oral health procedure have little to no control over the dosage and amount supplied, as opposed to the Pro-NoxTM System, which puts patients in safe control of their comfort at all times.

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How Does Pro-NoxTM work?

Pro-NoxTM is a natural analgesic blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide that the patient self-administers using a safe, valve inhalation device, that only provides the medical gases when the patient breaths in. For decades, the 50/50 combination has been used safely and efficiently in labor and delivery around the world.

How Do I Use Pro-NoxTM?

You will be provided either a mouthpiece or disposable mask (your choice) at the start of your treatment or procedure. You simply inhale the gas through the mouthpiece or mask if and when you feel the need for it, instantly creating a warm, euphoric feeling, until you get the desired amount of pain alleviation. Nitrous oxide has an average duration of 3-5 minutes.
The patient has complete control over how much nitrous oxide is used throughout the treatment. Because each patient is unique and is the best judge of their comfort, control is placed in the hands of the patient.

You’ll remain fully awake, but your discomfort and worry will be much reduced. The alleviation is immediate, leaving you feeling relaxed, light, and calm.

Which Rejuvall Penile procedures is Pro-NoxTM commonly used by patients? 

Pro-NoxTM is appropriate for shorter, less intrusive procedures that may cause mild discomfort but no long-term pain. It is used as a supplement to the local anesthetic our physicians already provide during your procedure. If you despise needles, Pro-NoxTM is unquestionably the way to go!

You can request that Pro-NoxTM be included with the following penile procedures:

  • Non-Surgical Penis Enlargements
  • Circumcisions
  • Frenulectomy
  • Penile Lesion Repairs
  • Removal of Pearly Penile Papules
  • Cystoscopes
  • Scar revisions
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As a urologic cosmetic surgery provider, Rejuvall strives to ensure that all operations, even less invasive ones, are as comfortable as possible for our patients. We are thrilled to be able to provide this excellent new pain management alternative to our clients.

What Are the Advantages of Pro-NoxTM

There are numerous advantages to adopting Pro-NoxTM during minimally invasive procedures. Even though it is not classified as an anesthetic, it is FDA-approved as an analgesic (pain reliever) that has been used successfully in the surgical, birthing, and dental settings for over a century. The gas enters your bloodstream fast and has a sedative impact. It totally exits your system after a few breaths of normal air, leaving no lingering effects. It is not addictive, and, after a brief 15-minute wait period, you can drive yourself home, removing the need for a driver.

Another advantage is that the patient remains calm and does not move around, allowing the surgeon to accomplish the procedure with the finest outcomes possible. It enables the surgeon to complete the procedure more quickly and without many pauses, which can occur when the patient shows discomfort.

Pro-NoxTM is not like other forms of pain medication that are taken orally or through an IV. Such anesthetics necessitate continued monitoring, either by a medical expert or a family member, even after the treatment is completed. With Pro-NoxTM, you can safely drive a car or machinery after a brief waiting period.

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How long does it take before Pro-NoxTM takes effect? 

The benefits of the split 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen gases begin to occur immediately after inhaling the blend, offering improved relaxation and reduced anxiety. These benefits are temporary and can be extended by continuing self-administration as needed. A patient uses Pro-NoxTM by breathing through the mouthpiece or mask as needed. Taking normal breaths after administration causes the nitrous oxide to exit the system swiftly.

How long do the effects from Pro-NoxTM last?

The effects last 5-10 minutes after discontinuing its use, and the chemical is completely gone from the body within about 15 minutes. The short-term effects of Pro-NoxÔ allow the patient to benefit from an analgesic while still being able to drive before and after the treatment. Patients can now respond to pain or discomfort on their own terms, without affecting the rest of their day, thanks to Pro-NoxTM.

How much does it cost to add Pro-NoxTM to my treatment?

Pro-NoxTM added to your Rejuvall non-surgical treatment costs an additional $125.

Are there any negative side effects from Pro-NoxTM Use?

The primary and intended effect of Pro-NoxTM is profound relaxation. This might cause a sense of a temporary effect of feeling delusional which will fade quickly once regular room air is breathed-in, with no long-term consequences. On rare occasion patients have reported dizziness, a mild headache, or nausea, which usually last less than 5 minutes. These can be avoided by staying hydrated.

Are There Any Contraindications for the Use of Pro-NoxTM? Which patients should not use Pro-NoxTM

Pro-NoxTM is not recommended if you have anemia or a vitamin B12 deficiency. Pro-NoxTM should not be used by anyone who suffers from extreme chronic fatigue, which is a common indication of anemia and B12 deficiency. Pro-NoxTM is not recommended for patients in the first trimester of pregnancy. Nasal obstruction, chronic obstructive lung disease, active cystic fibrosis, recent tympanic membrane surgery, claustrophobia, intoxication, and other conditions are relative contraindications.

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