Non-Surgical Penile Lengthening with Traction Stretching

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Do I need surgery to lengthen my penis? Not anymore.

Announcing the Rejuvall® MAXL® Non-Surgical Lengthening Breakthrough

Non-surgical lengthening treatment PRICE: $4,900

Rejuvall®, the longest running men’s sexual health clinic in the United States, is pleased to announce another new innovative innovation for penile lengthening.

How much does non-surgical penile lengthening cost?

The cost of Rejuvall’s non-surgical penile lengthening treatment program is $4,900.

Through its proprietary penile repositioning (the MegaMAXL®) surgical procedure, Rejuvall became the first clinic in the world to offer a guaranteed improvement in penile length. Now, Rejuvall is pleased to offer men a means to lengthen their penis without invasive surgery: our MAXL® lengthening technology. In addition, for men who want the longest penis their body can provide, we’ve created a new pathway where patients can combine a MAXL® non-surgical lengthening procedure with our MegaMAXL® surgical repositioning procedure to achieve a guaranteed two-inch increase in penile length.

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What makes the MAXL® non-surgical penile lengthening process so special?

It’s Easy

Two visits to our clinic. Once at the outset of treatment and again after 90 days. During your first visit, we will perform procedures to optimize your physiology for optimal results. We will customize the calibration of your traction device and demonstrate its proper use. We will provide you with everything you need to succeed and monitor your progress on a regular basis. You will spend approximately one hour per day performing the prescribed, safe, and effective medical therapies. After 90 days, you will return to our clinic for your post-procedure evaluation.

It’s Proven

Our MAXL non-surgical penile lengthening technology was born during our 20 years of research and development odyssey inventing a cure for Peyronie’s Disease. We invented a new drug delivery technology that successfully breaks up plaque and fibrosis that causes Peyronie’s. The problem we ran into was that men weren’t regaining all their lost size from when before they acquired PD. We redoubled our efforts on how we could safely increase penile length while navigating the challenges of a human organ and an awful disease. We did it. We’ve now added non-surgical penile length to over 500 men. That’s when one of our insightful staff members suggested we make the same technology available to our patients wanting a length increase for cosmetic reasons. We never considered this before given the large number of Peyronie’s patient’s we’ve treated who acquired the disease from performing non-clinical traction techniques or similar DIY longer penis solutions in their youth. (Peyronie’s symptoms often don’t visibly manifest for patients younger than 50-60 years of age.) However, we realized our new safe and effective approach would work for these men. After testing and refinements, the MAXL®  non-surgical penile lengthening procedure was born.

An hour each day for 90 days

A little more than an hour a day. For 90 days. You can even watch your favorite TV program while completing therapy. The devices do most of the work so you can do other things.

Traction device increases penile thickness

The medical penile traction device successfully stretches the sponge-like penile organ to account for a portion of your increased length, while the remainder is attributable to clinically induced physiologic hyperplasia. The quantity of increased size caused by clinically induced hyperplasia will also result in an increase in circumference. Our patient study revealed an increase in thickness of between 14″ and 12″ following treatment.

Permanent Results: Non-surgical Penile Lengthening

Are medical penile traction results permanent?

Our research indicates that the lengthening effect of using our traction device is permanent, even after the therapy is discontinued. Obviously, the new cells within an organ that are induced by physiologic hyperplasia are life lasting.

What is Rejuvall® MAXL® non-surgical penile lengthening?

The Rejuvall MAXL® penile lengthening technology is a clinically proven innovation that clinically induces physiologic hyperplasia, which increases the number of cells in a man’s penis, resulting in a larger penis.

Our patented Peyronie’s Disease technology spawned this lengthening innovation. In the field of urology, our clinic is best known for its breakthrough treatment of Peyronie’s disease. The loss of penile length is an adverse consequence of Peyronie’s disease. Early in the development of our Peyronie’s disease innovation, we made progress in removing the plaques that cause Peyronie’s symptoms, but many men did not regain their original penile length after fibrosis removal. No man felt cured by merely correcting the fibrosis if he did not regain his previous size.

forum pictures peyronies upward bend before

This deficiency prompted the development of our non-surgical lengthening technology now known as MAXL®, which has been effectively applied to hundreds of patients. 

Late in 2023, the urologists at Rejuvall Health Clinics began providing this non-surgical lengthening solution to patients without Peyronie’s disease. Specifically, our MAXL innovation is ideally suitable for men who:

  1. Want increased penis length but don’t want surgery
  2. Want at least two inches of guaranteed length increase by combining our MAXL non-surgical innovation with our proven MegaMAXL surgical penile repositioning lengthening procedure

How is non-surgical penile length achieved by Rejuvall® MAXL® technology?

Rejuvall MAXL® technology achieves permanent non-surgical increased penis length through a tandem of stretching proprietary process known as medically induced physiologic hyperplasia. 

This new process of growing the penis organ is akin to the process of adding muscle mass to your biceps.

Since a man’s penis contains aspects of both muscle and organ tissue, it’s the perfect candidate to trigger lasting results through medically induced physiologic hyperplasia.

Also, unlike with hypertrophy where cells grow in size, with hyperplasia, the cells grow in number through a cellular division process known as cell proliferation.

muscle increase after hypertrophy

What is clinically-induced physiologic hyperplasia?

The clinical outcome known as physiologic “hyperplasia” is characterized by the proliferation of organic cells within a tissue, resulting in the enlargement of an organ or tissue. 

Cell proliferation is the process by which a cell grows and divides to produce two daughter cells. Rejuvall MAXL® technology achieves non-surgical penile lengthening through this proliferation of cells. The increased number of cells results in a permanently longer penis for compliant patients.

Natural instances of physiologic hyperplasia include the growth of the breasts during pregnancy, the growth of the endometrium during menstruation, and the growth of the liver following a partial resection.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is pathological hyperplasia, a condition that causes cellular growth due to excessive hormonal stimulation or cellular disease growth factors that can be linked to cancer.

It is not as simple as it may appear.

There are numerous variables that must be managed and optimized for the process to take place, such as whole body and penile blood flow stimulation, a safe regimen of daily mechanical traction on the penis, and supplemental physiologic repair nutrients. The effectiveness of this procedure is drastically diminished by anything less.

You can locate online information about penile stretching that identifies “hyperplasia” as the cause of increased gains. However, inducing clinically induced hyperplasia is considerably more difficult than it sounds.

male penile size growth hypertrophy vs hyperplasia

What is hypertrophy?

Most men are familiar with the process of growing muscles through resistance weight training.

Muscle growth from exercise occurs in the human body through a physiological process known as “hypertrophy” – where the muscle cells are exercised and “torn down” during each workout. After a bit of rest, recovery, and usually soreness those muscle cells grow back a little bigger. If men are steadfast in their exercise regimen, they will notice a measurable improvement in visible muscle size after a couple of months.

male muscle after hypertrophy pic

Penile Stretching

Does stretching lengthen the penis?

Men pursuing penile enlargement have utilized “penis stretching” for decades. In almost every instance, the patient is eventually diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, in which the penis shrinks and often becomes so deformed that sexual satisfaction becomes impossible.

The human penis is an organ

The penis possesses the consistency of a very dense sponge. Although stretching a sponge is difficult, it is stretchable. Thus, “yes” your penis can be stretched longer. However, the key is to be cautious so as not to damage the sponge. 

When investigating pumping and stretching, most men fail to consider that their penis is not a sweat gland like a woman’s breast but a complex organ with a function similar to that of the human heart. Would you put a collection of weights on your heart in an effort to make it bigger? Obviously not. You would be concerned about the damage you could cause if you did that.

image showing penile sponge image before stretching
The unfortunate reality is that a lot of men have already injured their penis organ in a manner that will cause them to completely lose sexual function in the years ahead. The most frequent instantaneous adverse effects of non-medical stretching are:
  • rupturing blood vessels
  • itching, redness, or irritation
  • minimal bruising
  • anesthesia
If a patient persists in non-clinical stretching, they will almost always harm their genitalia. Mild penis injuries caused by unregulated stretching techniques do not manifest immediately, giving these men a deceptive sense of security regarding techniques such as jelqing and weight stretching. As males enter their fifties, they experience what we now call “Peyronie’s accelerators,” which cause a previously benign, asymptomatic condition to become debilitating. These effects include severe erectile dysfunction and a curvature so severe that sexual activity becomes impossible. The ultimate irony is that Peyronie’s disease causes the penis to shrink by approximately two inches on average. That means all that time and energy spent stretching ultimately gives way to a penis shorter than they started with in the first place. Medically accomplished stretching, such as Rejuvall® MAXL® technology, not only reduces the risk of injury but also increases the likelihood of larger results by inducing hyperplasia via our clinically induced blood flow treatments and protocols.
Bent penis before stretching procedure

Important differences between growth from hypertrophy vs. hyperplasia

before and after hypertrophy

Men familiar with the physiological process of gaining muscle mass through hyperplasia (increased muscle cell size) are typically also knowledgeable with the concept of muscle atrophy (lost muscle size) due to protracted disuse. When muscle cells are inactive for an extended period of time, the enlarged cell size gradually returns to its original smaller size.

It’s important to recognize exercise (or lack thereof) has no effect on the increased cell number caused by hyperplasia, unlike the increased cell growth caused by hypertrophy. Thus, the size increases are permanent, even after the therapy has been discontinued.

In summary, hypertrophy is an increase in the size of individual muscle fibers, whereas hyperplasia is an increase in the quantity of muscle fibers.

What is clinically-induced physiologic hyperplasia?

As mentioned, there are two forms of hyperplasia that can occur within the human body: physiologic and pathologic. Cellular growth from pathologic hyperplasia is a sign of abnormal or precancerous changes.  

We employ a new method we call clinically induced physiologic hyperplasia to non-surgically increase the length of a man’s penis.

In order to successfully achieve clinically induced physiologic hyperplasia:

comparison penile growth hyperplasia vs hyper trophy
  1. The penis is first clinically treated to achieve an adequate level of blood flow through external counterpulsation therapy
  2. A controlled mechanical clinical stressor (traction) is applied to the penis organ via a medically-managed protocol
  3. Clinical support mechanisms are established and maintained to maintain an optimal environment for healthy physiologic hyperplasia throughout the therapeutic window.

It is essential to remember that the penile corpora muscle is contained within the organ itself. Your penis is closely related to the human heart in terms of their fundamental structure and function. You can’t just start tugging or stretching an organ and expect results without congruent organ damage. When we encounter patients with Peyronie’s disease who conduct blatant stretching or vacuum pumping techniques, we frequently ask, “Would you perform such activities on your heart?”

Obviously not. Alas, human nature sometimes disregards this logic, as the penis is the only organ located outside the human body and is a source of extreme pleasure. 

cell growth in penis internal photo

How does Rejuvall®  MAXL® trigger physiologic hypoplasia?

Physiologic hypertrophy (the process where cells split and multiply) only occurs predictably within the human body when a triumvirate of factors are effectively performed in uniform tandem.

In the case of increasing penile length, we employ medical penile traction, external counterpulsation treatments, a vacuum erection device, and a 90-day supply of specific nutraceuticals that support blood flow and reparative healing in order to help induce physiologic hyperplasia.

FDA-Cleared Medical Penile Traction

Safe, constant, and stable daily penile traction, 37 minutes in the morning and 37 minutes in the evening, for three months is required to achieve non-surgical length.

During your first visit, your case manager will customize our FDA-cleared and clinically-proven penile traction device to your specific requirements. Historically, a significant number of penile injuries that triggered Peyronie’s Disease occurred when a person was just beginning to employ penile stretching. You must begin gradually, which your case manager will layout in detail during your first visit. This is a 90-day program, not a 9-day program. Your case manager will explain when and how you can expedite your progress.

penile traction device results photo

MAXL®External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP) for Penile Blood Flow

Rejuvall employs two treatments of external counterpulsation therapy (ECP) to enhance whole body and penile blood flow to a level suitable for starting hyperplasia within your penis.

Our research indicates whole body blood flow escalation plays a crucial role for induced physiologic hyperplasia. We employ therapies specific to the penis during treatment however the penis is dependent upon the force of blood flow from the rest of a man’s body. If that flow is not escalated, results are less than optimal.

Rejuvall’s proprietary ECP device called RejuvaHeart™ is designed to perfectly time and externally compress the patient’s lower extremities to drive peripheral blood to critical organs and tissue throughout the thoracic, pulmonary and cardiovascular system.

First invented at Harvard in 1953, studies show a single 45-minute ECP treatment increases coronary flow by as much as 109% – driving nutrient rich blood and oxygen throughout the circulatory system, and also increasing blood flow to the penis by 40%.

How does ECP therapy work and how does that help with my penis lengthening?

External Counterpulsation (ECP) therapy is a mechanical treatment used to increase blood flow to the penile tissue. Chemically, the use of supplements increases vascular flow. The vacuum pump, traction device, and ECP all operate mechanically. ECP causes blood vessel dilation due to internal pressure, similar to repeatedly inflating an inflatable.

ECP increases penile blood flow before after

As this is repeated throughout a treatment, ECP causes the blood vessel walls to dilate, or stretch, so that they function better and strengthen the muscle in those blood vessel walls, allowing the entire system to function more efficiently. This will increase the passage of blood to the penis.

stimulate penile growth hyperplasia success

ECP Growth and Blood Flow Stimulation

ECP stimulates penile blood flow optimization throughout your body (and your penis). You lie on a bed with enormous blood pressure cuffs affixed around your calves, thighs and lower buttocks. The “Pump” of the ECP is synchronized with your heartbeat. On the basis of the electrocardiogram, the external Counter Pulsation (ECP) apparatus triggers the enormous blood pressure cuffs that inflate in synchrony with your heartbeat. During the diastolic phase of the heartbeat, the cuffs swiftly fill with air, compressing or squeezing the legs and pushing the venous blood sequentially from the calves, thighs, and buttocks towards the heart.

This technology also increases the blood flow to the coronary arteries, brain, liver, and kidneys. As the heart contracts, the cuffs deflate instantaneously, allowing blood to flow easily into the legs. In fact, because the ECP returns more blood from the lower extremities to the heart, the left ventricle pumps against less pressure in the legs. Therefore, the left ventricle requires less effort (and less oxygen demand) to circulate more blood to the system (reduced workload or reduced ventricular after load).

In addition to increasing blood flow, increasing the pressure in the penile blood vessels improves their capacity to stretch. It also stimulates the endothelial layer of the blood vessel walls to efficiently utilize the nitric oxide chemical. This chemical stimulates vasodilation and increases blood circulation. Therefore, its primary function is to permanently increase blood flow. Typically, you receive two ECP treatments per day, each lasting approximately an hour.

The first time you attempt to blow up a balloon, it’s extremely difficult because the balloon is so stiff, but the second time, it’s been pre-stretched, so it has a much greater effect. That’s why we include two treatments of ECP with each MAXL therapeutic.

MAXL® VED Therapy – Vacuum Erection Device

The Rejuvall MAXL®  vacuum erection device (VED) is a custom created pump that manually drives blood into the penis during MAXL® therapy, helping support optimal physiologic hyperplasia.

Although versions of VED’s (Vacuum Erection Devices) were innovated as early as the 1800’s.  Rejuvall’s founding urologist, Steven L. Morganstern, MD designed the first VED that was clinically-approved for use by urologists in the United States in 1979.

We know more about what particular vacuum erection device will aid in the engagement of hyperplasia than anyone around the country.

vacuum erection device photos

What is a MAXL® VED Unit’s function with penile lengthening?  

A MAXL® VED performs numerous functions. The MAXL®  vacuum causes the penis to expand in circumference and to some extent in length. By enlarging the penile tissue, blood is drawn from the torso into the blood vessels and corpora of the penis (the tissue that’s responsible for erection), thereby increasing the blood flow capacity of the penis. In addition, it stretches the tissue by drawing on it gently in all directions, three-dimensionally, and as a result, it increases the tissue’s elasticity, which gives us more to work with when we perform traction to increase length.

MAXL®  works with larger guys

For well-endowed men, a larger penis often touches the sides of the typical vacuum pump cylinder once engorged and loses the complete benefits of vacuum erection device therapy. Also, if the head is being dragged into the end of the tube because the penis is too long for the cylinder, the vacuum will not have the desired effect, and the patient will be extremely uncomfortable. These issues are why we custom created a pump that is notably longer and wider than most others.

MAXL®  is ideally suited for smaller men

While our MAXL®  VED accommodates men of larger endowments, it is ideal for men of average or lesser size. This one-of-a-kind vacuum pump has a polished cylinder edge so that it can be held perfectly against the pelvis to produce a good seal, and it will not irritate that area, making it more comfortable. There is also a very soft cap that fits over the edge of the cylinder with a smaller aperture, so even if you have a smaller penis, an excellent seal is still created. Also, the same silicone sleeve naturally contours to your fat pad area to ensure a high-quality barrier for the VED process of “manually” forcing blood flow into the penis.

Shower Free VED Design

We did not design the MAXL®  VED for use in the shower because we discovered that the majority of men prefer to use their pump while seated, viewing television with a blanket on their lap. The best results occur when a patient is relaxed.

An electric pump is better suited for MAXL®  VED therapy

While the market offers both electrical and mechanical pumps for VED therapy, electrical pumps are preferable for MAXL®  therapy. The mechanical designs necessitate the use of a lever or aggressive manual pumping action by the user (shower versions), which is cumbersome and difficult to maintain uniform pressure.

Activating your MAXL®  vacuum is as simple as tapping a button. As it should, the pump does all the effort.

Finally, the electric compressor’s simplicity eliminates the need for difficult-to-find and costly high-yield batteries. The MAXL®  utilizes economical, readily available AAA alkaline batteries.

MAXL® Blood Flow Optimizing and Reparative Nutraceutical Support


LCT-1 works as a vasodilator by increasing peak nitric oxide levels and increasing blood flow to the penis by allowing those blood vessels to open up.

Think of its benefits like the advantages derived from employing a wider pipe with water flow—the wider the pipe, the greater the flow.

Why is that important in this case?

Very simply, blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the tissues that we’re triggering to increase your length, and it more readily removes waste products. Thus, the more blood flow we induce, the more nutrients we get into the corpora following traction, and the more likely we are to trigger healthy growth through hyperplasia.

That equates to a longer penis without surgery, which is our overriding objective.

MAXL® Tissue Support Pack

The MAXL®  Tissue Support Pack (TSP) provides comprehensive regenerative support for soft tissue and muscle, including the promotion of a balanced inflammatory response required for the protection and maintenance of soft tissue attempting to grow in size.

To induce hyperplasia and lengthen your penis, optimal reparative nutrients must be present in the penis during and following medical traction. This soft tissue pack is clinically proved to promote healing and health in the soft tissues of the penis, including the skin, fascia, blood vessel linings, penile corpora, muscle tissue, and supporting tissues.

In addition to promoting a balanced inflammatory response, the MAXL® TSP expedites the onset of psychological hyperplasia.

As previously mentioned, inducing physiological hyperplasia is very similar to attaining positive results from hypertrophy (building body muscle mass), which the majority of men are much more familiar. Our objective when we exercise is to build muscle by breaking down muscle tissue so that when the body replaces it, it does so with more larger muscle tissue than when we began. This explains why men experience “muscle burn” after intense exercise. 

how to increase penile blood flow arterial pic

That process is akin to taking two steps back and three steps forward. Continuing the procedure results in a net increase in muscle cell size. After exercise, the blood flows into the conditioned tissue, washes away any metabolic waste, and then supplies an abundance of oxygen and nutrients to reconstruct the tissue.

The MAXL® Tissue Support Pack (TSP) creates an optimal healing environment to trigger hyperplasia and help lengthen your penis.

MAXL® technology increases penile thickness

penile cell thickness growth after hyperplasia

The gains each patient achieves that are directly attributed to physiologic hyperplasia will also result in increased penile thickness. However, measurable improvement in thickness is more modest since traction and stretching alone also add length to the penis.

This is why it’s so important to maintain the prescribed regimen for blood flow induction and traction during the entire process. Achieving cellular proliferation, where a cell grows and divides to create two daughter cells, won’t succeed without the complete protocol.

As mentioned, the good news is that this increased cell density within your penis organ will also cause increased thickness as well as length. Most of our Peyronie’s patients who were compliant saw increased thickness of between ¼” to ½” from their therapeutics.

Rejuvall® MAXL® Penile Lengthening Q&A

What’s included with my Rejuvall® MAXL® non-surgical lengthening package?

You must schedule a day to visit our Atlanta clinic for your initial consultation and three months later for your follow-up appointment. There will be a monthly phone-based review of your progress, and your case manager will be available to answer queries throughout your therapy.

During this first visit, our manager will:

  1. Record your beginning length and girth
  2. Provide and explain how to use your medical traction device
  3. Set up your traction device to a custom size best suited for your case
  4. Administer your two external counterpulsation (ECP) therapy treatments (they take about one hour each and require a two-hour break between treatments)
  5. Explain the how’s and why’s behind your nutraceutical support supplements and VED (Vacuum Erection Device)
  6. Provide you with a 90-day supply of hyperplasia-boosting supplements and your VED

Answer any final questions you might have regarding non-surgical lengthening therapy

If I’m pill averse, do I have to take the supplements?

No, but the likelihood of getting results from hyperplasia will be significantly reduced. We don’t recommend that.

Without stimulated blood flow during traction therapy, it’s likely the only length gains would come from the stretching process which would likely result in half the expected outcomes from the complete regimen.

Another version I’m looking at includes P-shots. Y’all don’t do the  P-shot version?

We are not aware of any study showing PRP injections help with improving blood flow within any part of the body. Thus, we would never offer that.

Some institutions use PRP injections due to the healing factors that are already present in your blood. Professional athletes are increasingly using PRP injections to treat minor knee and shoulder injuries.

However, their effectiveness with the penis has been called into doubt primarily due to nocturnal erections (men experience four to seven nocturnal erections each night during REM sleep). Studies indicate that 98% of injected cells are expelled from the penis within 24 hours. Thus, they do not remain in the penis organ long enough to recuperate sufficiently.

A recent July 2023 randomized placebo-controlled study in which half of the patients received double-filtered PRP injections and the other half received a placebo injection found that PRP performed no better than the sham treatment.

Thus, we believe PRP injections may aid in the healing of damaged tissue in certain joints but given the nightly tremendous blood flow caused by nocturnal erections, we do not believe they have any effect on penile health.

Will I lose my new longer length after I stop the Rejuvall®  MAXL®  treatment regimen?

No, not with Rejuvall®  MAXL®  non-surgical lengthening.

Why that difference is important is because with hypertrophy, you can hear the word “atrophy” in the name. That means if you ever quit working out for an extended period of time, the increased size can shrink from muscle atrophy.

With hyperplasia (how MAXL®  add size), the growth occurs from microtears in the tissue that grow back a little larger each time. The good news is that with hypotrophy, whatever is gained stays forever. Thus, if you stop halfway through and can’t get back to your stretching regimen for another year, you won’t lose what you gain. 

What are the risks with MAXL®  non-surgical penile lengthening?

  1. If the therapeutic traction is performed too aggressively, evidenced by the 300% increase in the number of men being diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease following at-home stretching techniques like Jelqing or non-clinical penile stretching with weights and chronic masturbation, all gains achieved through any physiologic hyperplasia will eventually be negated through penile contracture caused by fibrosis and scar tissue.

  2. The inability to attain and sustain an optimal atmosphere within the organ to support increased blood flow and reparative optimization, both of which are required to support physiologic hyperplasia. For physiologic hyperplasia to occur on demand, it is necessary to manage the supporting dynamics.
I already had a girth procedure. Can I get Rejuvall®  MAXL®  non-surgical lengthening?
Yes. Most men who’ve already gotten a penile thickening procedure can add increased length with MAXL®  technology.

Can I return later for Rejuvall’s MegaMAXL®   surgical lengthening if I’m not satisfied with the length I’ve gained from the MAXL®   non-surgical lengthening protocols?


In fact, for a number of reasons, this is the path we recommend for males seeking the longest possible penis. We guarantee new penis length of at least two inches for males who undergo both procedures concurrently.

The combination of our surgical lengthening MegaMAXL®  and non-surgical MAXL®  is referred to as SuperMAXL® .

Rejuvall urologic surgeon Kenneth J. Carney, MD, PHARM, FACS made an important observation after performing hundreds of MegaMAXL penile repositioning lengthening procedures: he could have gotten more length on about half of his previous MegaMAXL®   patients, but they didn’t have enough available shaft skin for him to reposition all the inner penis that’s available.

By first stretching and inducing hyperplasia in the penis prior to his novel penile lengthening surgery, we have more tools to achieve an even superior outcome.

Rejuvall was the first clinic in the world to guarantee a longer penis with its revolutionary penile repositioning surgery. Now, patients can combine a non-surgical MAXL®  treatment with a surgical MegaMAXL®   lengthening and receive a guaranteed two-inch increase in penile length.

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